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ADU Builder El Monte

ADU Builder El Monte – Why DREC Construction INC

ADU building is quickly taking off as one of the most popular trends in El Monte, and it appears to be here to stay. If you’re looking for a reliable ADU that is cost-effective and stands the test of time, then you need not look any further than DREC Construction INC.

We’ve been specialized ADU builders in the LA area for over 10 years, and our owner Daniel Messina is renowned within this market. He has had his ADUs featured on several popular HGTV shows as well as remodeling and flipping TV series. When it comes ADU building in El Monte, we are simply head and shoulders above the rest.

Our customers always leave our services completely satisfied with their ADUs, and we’d be delighted to partner with you too. Installing a brand new ADU at your El Monte property is one of the best things you can do. This is an investment into your current living as well as long-term plans.

You will be shocked at how much money an ADU can add to the resale value of your home. We hope to share with you all of the benefits of a brand-new ADU at our free in-home estimates. So don’t hesitate. Call us now!

ADU Builder El Monte

ADU Builder El Monte – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

ADU Builder El Monte is the premier ADU builder in this area due to our attention to detail. We construct ADUs with high-end materials and are focused on giving customers a multifunctional space that they can utilize to do what they please.

Customers who decide to rent out their ADU after our installation will enjoy a full-size kitchen, a large bathroom, and space for a washer and dryer. Most importantly, though, long-term renters provide our customers with a cash flow-positive rental income property thanks to the rising price of rent in California.

Our ADU Builder El Monte services make it possible for customers to quickly pay off their ADU expenses with just one renter. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Contact us today!

ADU Builder El Monte

ADU Builder El Monte – Affordable Family Housing

With rent prices continually rising in California and mortgage rates above 7%, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to find a place to live. This makes ADU Builder El Monte services an invaluable asset that many Californians are turning to for help.

Here at DREC, we offer premier ADU Builder El Monte services and can provide the perfect solution for your unique living situation. Whether you need a Granny Flat or Elder Cottage for an elderly parent, or if you have adult children who require accommodation, our ADU Builder El Monte services can address any issues you may be facing.

Plus, when their living situation changes, these ADUs can easily transition into another purpose. We offer one call complete service – taking away the stress of trying to navigate the overwhelming rental market of California.

ADU Builder El Monte – Fantastic Home Office Options

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift to remote and hybrid work schedules, ADU Builder El Monte has provided many customers with complete business solutions in their home.

Whether it’s a small business owner looking for an office space or an office worker who needs more than a kitchen table for their workspace, ADU Builder El Monte can provide a variety of multi-use ADU structures that are ideal for getting the job done. ADU structures allow individuals to have their own spacious and quiet place to manage their business from home.

These ADUs also offer plenty of storage space, ensuring business owners have room for any inventory requirements they may have. Don’t just hire any ADU Builder El Monte company; go with DREC for a unique and custom work ADU experience – DREC boasts being one of the leading ADU companies in terms of numbers installed thus far.

ADU Builder El Monte – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

At DREC Construction INC, we have a strong commitment to both our premium ADU services and the environment. Over the past 30 years as the ADU Builder El Monte leader, we have taken measures to minimize the negative impact of ADU installations and constructions on our environment.

From ethically sourced hardwood, lumber, and hardware sourced from all over Southern California, we put tough emphasis on quality products that are also earth conscious. Our team at DREC is confident that you won’t ever have to sacrifice quality for safety procedures.

Operating with both efficiency and sustainability in mind makes us proud to be ADU Builder El Monte’ leading service provider. If you’re considering ADU installment services, give us a call today without hesitation – our top-rate services coupled with sustainability make us the ideal choice!

ADU Builder El Monte – Limited Lifetime Warranty

DREC Construction INC stands apart from other ADU builder El Monte companies as we prioritize our customers’ project and its outcome.

Our construction techniques have been proven to surpass industry standards, which is why all ADUs are offered a limited lifetime warranty on both their construction and hardware that is transferable. Our ADUs consistently add exceptional value to our customers’ homes, often providing an increase in the original estimated sale value.

Here at DREC, we want to be your ADU Builder El Monte service of choice throughout the entirety of the project and beyond. All estimates are free of charge so contact us now and let us help you bring your ADU dreams to life!

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