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ADU Contractor Laguna Hills

ADU Contractor Laguna Hills

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Rental Income

In just the last year we have seen the price of a home skyrocket in Laguna Hills. If you are looking to sell your home anytime soon to cash in on the amazing price that this housing market can offer you we should talk. If you are planning to sell your home you should consider hiring an ADU Contractor Laguna Hills before you do. Having an ADU installed to your property can really increase the resale value of your home. The Covid-19 Pandemic made most Americans stay indoors and even changed their work routine from days in the office to working at home full time.

We noticed a large uptick in people who live in Laguna Hills who needed dedicated workspace. An ADU is a great way to be able to work at home and still have the feel of a small office. For many of our ADU Contractor Laguna Hills installs they said that working from the kitchen table for a whole year just was not feasible anymore. Since we are going to be starting 2022 off with a new wave of the pandemic we have seen even more calls come for us to install ADU Contractor Laguna Hills office space jobs.

You will love managing your business or job from our one-of-a-kind ADU Contractor Laguna Hills office installs. When you are done at the end of the day you can walk inside the house and leave everything related to your job or work outside in the ADU. We hope to hear from you soon so we can get started planning your next ADU Contractor Laguna Hills install. We have 100’s of successful ADU installs in Laguna Hills and can’t wait to add you to our list of happy ADU customers who love what we did for them.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Laguna Hills

DREC ADU Contractor Laguna Hills


If you need a place for a college-age student you should consider hiring an ADU Contractor Laguna Hills service. We can install an ADU that will give your adult age children a quiet place to study and pass the time while they are in college. What makes an ADU for college-age children so great is that you can have the kids close by but not have the stress of sharing a bathroom or kitchen with them. Our ADU Contractor Laguna Hills projects always include a full bath, bedroom and kitchen as well as an area for laundry. You only have to encourage your children to keep it clean. Once your children are headed off to college chances are you might have the use of a granny flat for your aging parents.

The idea behind a granny flat is the same as an ADU for college-age children. You can easily save thousands of dollars a month by installing an ADU Contractor Laguna Hills project into your backyard rather than pay for an apartment closer to the college. You will be able to be a part of your adult-age child’s life every single day and make sure to keep them on track down the road of success. Living with adult-age children can be tough especially when it comes to having to share bathrooms and kitchens with them.

We also want to thank you for taking time to understand more about our ADU Contractor Laguna Hills service as well as consider us as an option for your install. We are always available over the phone and would love for you to discuss your project with our design staff. Our design staff is award-winning and would love for you to call and get a free estimate. Thanks again for checking us out.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Laguna Hills

Best ADU Warranty

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Resale Value Increase

DREC is not like any other ADU company in Orange County. We offer one of the best warranties not only in the OC but in all of California. Once we have completed the ADU install you are covered for the life of the structure. Because we ethically source the materials and stand behind our work 100 percent we are willing to make this extraordinary offer to you. If something should happen to the interior or the exterior of the ADU you are completely covered 100 percent. The only thing you need to do is not stress out and give us a call. We will send one of our ADU experts out same day to fix or remedy the issue for you. We know how hard you work for your money and want you to love your ADU for as long as you have it.

We look forward to working with you not only today and tomorrow but forever. Another great thing about our warranty is that it is fully transferrable should you sell your home. This makes a great selling point during the walkthrough. Once your new homeowners walk inside our ADU or granny flat let them know that the warranty is transferable to them. They need to call into our office so we can update their name into our database. Once that is complete we go over a few maintenance rules with them and send out a new warranty in the mail. The warranty alone is worth thousands of dollars. You will be amazed at how much more someone will pay for a home that already has an ADU installed.

We have gotten excited calls from previous customers who said that the best thing they ever did was let us install an ADU into their backyard. Thank you again for taking time to learn about our ADU business. If you have any further questions we urge you to give us a call so we can discuss how we are different and show you samples of our work. We offer free in-home estimates so we can take measurements and give you an accurate no-hassle quote. If you have an elderly family member perhaps you should consider a granny flat install which are are experts at as well.



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