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ADU Building Glendale – Industry-Leading Designs

DREC stands at the forefront of ADU building Glendale services. Not only do we lead the industry in our modern trend-setting designs and quality ADUs, but our ability to deliver unmatched ROI is why DREC is so widely recognized.

What makes us unique from our competition is that we design ADUs with each customer’s personal project in mind; whereas many other competitors are simply creating “cookie cutter” ADUs from a few common designs. Our team consists of elite builders who have decades of ADU construction experience, as well as world-renowned designers specializing in one-of-a-kind ADUs placed together with functionality and efficiency in mind.

DREC guarantees that when you work with us your ADU will be tailored specifically to your needs, as no two ADUs are ever alike. We invite you to see for yourself what sets us apart and amazes our customers time and time again.

ADU Building Glendale – Best Quality Materials

At DREC ADU Building Glendale, we believe that the quality of the materials used in our ADUs makes all the difference. As such, we only use high-end materials and those which are ethically sourced here in Glendale.

This gives us confidence that our ADUs will stand up to their promise and provide our customers with the best ADUs on the market. We are so sure of this superior quality that we offer a robust warranty as well.

When you buy an ADU from us, you can be assured that it has been created with the highest standards and with only the best materials available in Glendale. We take pride in delivering outstanding ADUs and invite you to put your trust in us for all of your ADU Building Glendale needs.

ADU Building Glendale – Best Return on Investment

When it comes to ADU Building Glendale, you have many options to choose from. What sets DREC apart from the rest is that we provide exceptional returns on investment for all budgets, big or small.

Plus, when it’s time to sell your home, you can expect tremendous escalation in value. Our team works with you every step of the way to make sure you’re getting exactly what you asked for in terms of ADU design and quality.

We understand how valuable it is to take advantage of a hot real estate market and reap the benefits of an ADU added to your property. There’s no better feeling than knowing your ADU will be worth much more money than others on your block by taking that strategic step towards ADU Building Glendale with DREC. You’re one call away from unlocking unlimited possibilities when it comes to ADU Building Glendale – contact us today!

ADU Building Glendale – Complete ADU Solutions

With ADU Building Glendale, DREC is pioneering a one-call solutions approach that helps to streamline the entire ADU Building Glendale build from beginning to end. Whether it’s reviewing permits and designs or overseeing the construction process itself, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive ADU Building Glendale service.

Our values dictate that we involve our clients in our process every step of the way; encouraging your feedback and listening to your questions ensures that your ADU Building Glendale dreams become a reality.

We share a vision with our clients – one of building something beautiful and enduring that reflects their individual goals, and we strive towards this with each ADU Building Glendale project that we undertake. That’s what makes us so unique when it comes to ADU Building Glendale services: you not only get quality results but also peace of mind.

ADU Building Glendale – Best Warranty Available

ADU Building Glendale is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction, with a commitment that’s unmatched in the ADU build-out industry. Our best-in-the-business lifetime warranty means you’ll never be left wondering whether something’s going to go wrong.

At DREC, our expert ADU building contractors will come out at once and remedy any issue, no matter when it arises.

Get peace of mind with our 100% guarantee and a transferrable lifetime warranty—so should you decide to move on, you can use this as an added selling point for your home. When you need us the most, we’ll be there for you! Lets get started on building you a brand-new ADU soon. Simply give us a call and we can get started today.

ADU Building Glendale – Multiple Use ADU’s

At DREC Construction Corp, we want to make sure that our ADU constructions in southern California not only look beautiful but are designed for multiple uses. ADU’s can be used for so much more than just a home for your out-of-town guests.

All ADUs are wired with full kitchen and bath capabilities plus a washing machine and dryer area so laundry is taken care of without an added hassle.

And don’t forget ADU Financing Glendale! Our ADUs can also be used as a man cave or even granny units. So go ahead and let us build your ADU with all the options you desire and fit whatever your heart desires! We look forward to handling all your ADU needs here at DREC Construction.

ADU Financing Glendale – Resale Value and Property Taxes

ADU Financing Glendale is proud to be able to answer one of the most common questions we are asked: How much will an ADU installation increase the resale value of your home? To some, this may seem like a complex and hard-to-answer query. However, ADU Financing Glendale is here to tell you that there are certain facts that apply anywhere you live in regards to ADUs.

As most of the value of your home is determined by the total square footage, ADUs simply add to that total number and therefore add more value. Additionally, many people are able to write off part of their construction costs when tax season rolls around.

The exact amount could range between two hundred thousand dollars up to half a million dollars depending on a variety of variables. Similarly, another question pertaining to ADUs arise often: how will they affect my property taxes? From our experience here at ADU Financing Glendale, we’ve seen property taxes increase by only 1% – 1.5% based upon the cost of construction. A very small fee for a large return

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