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Once a “transitional” area, Westminster is now a much safer community with its property value skyrocketing. One of the easiest ways to cash in on this changing for the better community for the residents is to install an ADU. For that you can get help from DREC, one of the leading construction companies in Westminster. Our ADU pros at DREC have uplifted the company as an industry leader, holding on to that position for more than two decades now. If you have any questions about your ADU project, give one of our ADU Contractors in Westminster a call today. We can go over your expectations from the ADU installation, and give you a quote for the project. 

When it comes to Westminster, which has a higher concentration of elderly population in all of Orange County, there is a significant demand for granny flats or in-law suites; common names of accessory dwelling units built for the senior family members. We are experts in designing ADU units built specifically for aging folks, as the top ADU contractor in . The benefit of having a granny flat attached to your existing property is that you can keep a watchful eye on your aging family member, while giving them the privacy and comfort they need.

Are you looking for construction companies in Westminster to build sturdy units for memory care or other types of senior care? Look no further, DREC is at your service. Such specific types of senior care can be very expensive, especially if your family member is residing at a senior care facility. The average monthly expense for someone suffering from dementia is more than $10,000. Hence, instead of paying a facility, you can actually invest on an ADU. It will be a long-term investment and increase the property value of your house.

What is great about an ADU as opposed to a senior care facility is that you will see a return on your investment. When you sell your home, you will have a very good chance of make more profit owing to the increased value of the property due to ADU installation. Hiring us as your ADU contractor in Westminster means you are protecting your investment. Over the years, most of our clients have received over a 100% of their money back when sell their home after ADU installation.



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Do you have your college-going children staying with you? You can give them both the space and the privacy they desire by installing an ADU.. Installing a brand new ADU for your college-going kid can be great for both. For instance, your child is going to a local university/college, it will make for the perfect lodging, allowing them a way to save up for their next long-term move. What is also great about having your adult-age child nearby is you can keep a close eye on them while they still maintain their privacy and independence. Another benefit is that you can still provide a great place for your children to live without having to share a bathroom or a kitchen, which often creates trouble in a big household.Once you get an Accessory Dwelling Unit installed in your Westminster home, you can use it in multiple ways even after the kids have graduated and left your place. ADUs generate significant returns for years to come.For a quote contact DREC, the most reliable construction company in Westminster.

Space issues at home, especially residences with big families, can create a stressful ambiance. We have had many customers tell us that the best thing they did was hire us as their ADU Contractor Westminster project. The additional space from the ADU is a boon to all members of the family, where each member gets to enjoy their respective privacy within their areas.

Before you go through with your ADU installation, be sure to contact our Accessory Dwelling Unit Westminster service and we can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your ADU. You can expect only the best from out ADU builders.



ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Quality and Benefits of ADU’s

Over the years, most projects that we have worked in Westminster, Orange County, are construction of dwellings for the senior members of the family. And what better option that ADU to make room in the house for the elderly.

As one of the leading, construction companies in Westminster, we would love to share with you some of our granny flat and ADU blueprints we have designed in the past. Many of our customers are amazed at the quality of the structures that we have designed and built in the last 25 years. We also have multiple options in fittings and ADU designs to keep your elders safe such as non-slip floors and low edges for the bathtubs and showers. We have even installed wheelchair-accessible ramps on many of our ADU’s in Westminster.

We have heard from our clients that installing a granny flat was one of the best decisions that they’d ever made that also fostered a beautiful relationship with their older parents or grandparents. Unlike a nursing home or memory care facilities, you are giving your senior family member the ability to maintain independence and age gracefully. We can design the accessory dwelling unit to meet your specific needs. we make sure that the ADU is constructed to be flexible living space to be repurposed later. Later on, you can repurpose your granny flat as storage space or you can even rent it out to tenants, generating cash flow.

Over the past few years, apps like VRBO and AIRBNB have made it quite easy to rent out ADU’s at a profit every single month. Once you pay down your mortgage renting out the ADU and it comes time to sell your home, you will be amazed at the increased resale value an ADU adds to your home. Take advantage of all of these scenarios and give us a call today. Thanks again for making DREC the top rated ADU construction company in Westminster.



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