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First and foremost thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to learn more about our accessory dwelling units in Garden Grove.  In the past two decades, we’ve installed many different styles of accessory dwelling units in Garden Grove no matter what type is the purpose you have we can make sure to fit the accessory dwelling unit to your needs.  We would love to hear from you soon so we can get started planning your accessory dwelling unit.  Due to the covid 19 pandemic and the homeless crisis the state of California has made getting an accessory dwelling unit installed into your backyard much easier.

The permit process is streamlined and the zoning rules regarding ADU’s have been made much laxer. We have many different plans of options available to you will make sure that we discuss with you in our in-house design team the best way to present our accessory dwelling unit into your backyard.  We have many different builds in options in colors available and we can build studios one bedroom to badgers that all include a kitchen and bathroom as well as a bathtub you’ll be amazed at the quality of our work.  And you also be amazed at how many arms accessory dwelling units cost.  When it comes time to sell your home whatever you invested into your backyard you’ll see in a great return because of the amount of usable square footage that we’ve increased your home.

Please give us one chance to be your accessory dwelling unit contractor and you’ll be happy that you did we can promise you that there’s no other ad you contractor in Garden Grove that has many installs under their belts as we do.  We are a trendsetter in an industry leader in much of our work has been featured on HGTV as walls and film and movies.  Give us a call today and you’ll be happy that you did we can put you in contact with many of our customers will give you a fabulous five-star review regarding our work.  We also have the best warranty in the business with our accessory dwelling units and when a caller accessory dwelling units built to stand the test of time.  Your ADU can last for upwards of 30 to 50 years quite easily with minimal upkeep

Accessory Dwelling Unit Garden Grove

ADU Contractor Garden Grove

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In the year 2021 this city of Garden Grove sold homes at the highest price ever.  When of the easiest ways to make your home stand out in an aggressive housing market is the installation of an accessory dwelling unit from our ADU Contractor Garden Grove service.  We noticed a trend over the past year when it comes to our ADU Contractor Garden Grove installs.  The age of the average person who owns a home and Garden Grove is elderly.  What that means is that every single time we install an accessory dwelling unit chances were it was for a granny flat or an assisted senior living unit.

What makes our accessory dwelling units so great is that you can hire a full-time nurse to live in one of them and take care of you.  This is much easier and much more cost-effective than sending someone who’s elderly to live at a nursing home.  You can have the care of a nurse who lives on-site with you and in case there’s a sort of issue they can definitely contact of Emergency services on your behalf. When you go to sell your home you will be amazed at how much more your home appraises for.

Many of our customers for who we install an ADU Contractor Garden Grove project for end up making tens of thousands of dollars when they go to sell their home. What is great about all of our ADU Contractor Garden Grove installs is that we always make sure that the ADU we install is flexible and built to stand the test of time.  If you’ve any questions be sure to give us a call today and we will make sure that we can answer anything related to your ADU Contractor Garden Grove install over the phone.

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ADU Contractor Garden Grove

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Is it time for one of your parents or grandparents to come live at home with you. This can be a very stressful time and create chaos between you and your spouse. What if there was an easier way? We can truly say there is. A granny flat is one of the easiest ways to solve the aging parent question. Granny Flats are great because it gives you a way to keep an eye on your parent or grandparent without overextending or changing the way you operate in the main house.

We also design granny flats to be easily accessible for elders with wheelchair ramps and low edges on the shower and bathtub. Granny flats are a great way to keep them close but to close and offer them the independence that they want. We have already designed and installed 100’s of granny flats in Garden Grove and we can’t wait to add you to the list of our happy customers who live what we do for them. Here at DREC we have dedicated our lives to quality ADU Construction Garden Grove. We hope that you will bless us with the chance to give you a piece of our life’s work. When your granny flat has fulfilled its use you will be able to repurpose it for another use.

You can rent it out to another family member or use it for storage or even to manage a business. When it comes to building functional Granny Flat Garden Grove ADU’s we are the industry leader. Give us a call today so we can get started planning your next project. Thanks for considering us as your ADU Construction Garden Grove provider. We hope to hear from you soon.



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