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ADU Builder Norwalk

ADU Builder Norwalk – Why DREC Construction INC

ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) are becoming an increasingly popular housing option due to their relative affordability. If you’re looking for ADU construction in Norwalk, look no further than DREC Construction INC. We’ve been a leader in the ADU builder Norwalk marketplace for more than 10 years, and our owner Daniel Messina is well respected throughout the industry.

He’s even had his work featured on shows like HGTV, proving that he’s more capable than many of the ADU builder Norwalk companies.

The quality of our finished ADUs speaks for itself – customers are consistently amazed by the final product they receive. When building your ADU, don’t settle for second best – choose DREC Construction Inc. to get guaranteed satisfaction! Reach out now to experience why we stand head and shoulders above the competition.

ADU Builder Norwalk

ADU Builder Norwalk – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

ADU Builder Norwalk is proud to provide customers with an attractive ADU solution at an incredibly affordable price. Our ADU builder services are the gold standard for ADU creation in California, as we proudly guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.

With attention to detail and over decades of experience under our belt, we are able to give you a building that not only looks beautiful but also functions as intended, serving as a great rental income property. After the ADU has been completed, renters can enjoy its spaciousness and comfort while they take advantage of the skyrocketing rental prices in California.

Rental income will help pay off the ADU’s costs quickly and our ADUs come complete with a full size kitchen, large bathroom, and space for washer and dryer -all within legally-compliant parameters. So don’t wait! Contact ADU Builder Norwalk today to discuss your project needs!

ADU Builder Norwalk

ADU Builder Norwalk – Affordable Family Housing

With a booming population and increasing rent prices, it’s become harder than ever to find affordable living situations in California. To help simplify their living arrangements, many people are turning to ADU Builder Norwalk services provided by DREC in hopes of finding an easy and cost-effective solution.

Our ADU building services are tailored towards finding the perfect balance for any family who needs assistance in sorting out their desired living situation.

Whether you need a granny flat, elder cottage, or extra space for adult children, our ADU builders will do whatever they can to make things easier for you. We even make it simple to repurpose the ADU once it has served its purpose. All you have to do is give us a call! With our comprehensive ADU builder services, DREC is here to help you make the best of your individual living situation.

ADU Builder Norwalk – Fantastic Home Office Options

Working from home has become the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ever since 2019 ADU Builder Norwalk has been building home offices to meet the growing needs of our customers. We provide a range of custom-built ADUs that are perfect for small business owners who want a complete work solution in their backyards as well as deskbound office workers who need a dedicated workspace away from the kitchen table.

These ADUs are multi-purpose, serving any purpose desired – whether it be to run an entire business or simply to store inventory.

Don’t choose just any ADU building company – instead, go with DREC, which offers many years of experience in ADU building and is known for having the most installed ADUs across Norwalk. Our ADU Builder Norwalk team will construct your ADU to meet all of your work needs and give you a unique, personalized experience.

ADU Builder Norwalk – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

Here at DREC Construction INC, we’ve been dedicated to providing the best ADU Builder Norwalk services for over 30 years. We take pride in our commitment not only to our customers but to the environment as well. Furthermore, we strive to use ethically sourced hardware and lumber from Southern California whenever possible so that you can be assured that your ADU is built with materials of the highest-end quality. Our ownership team understands that being a leader in ADU builds doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice ethical and environmental standards. DREC is devoted to meeting both without sacrificing our commitment to excellence.

One of the most common questions we get asked every single day is what makes our company so different.

We can assure you that no other ADU contractor does as much as we do to preserve the environment and limit our carbon footprint. All of our ADU’s are highly functional and will help you or whoever stays in them reduce their footprint and need for larger spaces. Because of the multipurpose design of our spaces they can serve many different needs for many years to come. We hope you will bless us with the chance to show you why we are the best ADU company in Southern California today.

We take a great amount of pleasure in being able to design full functional spaces while making sure that they will not harm the environment. Likewise, we also want you to know that we donate a portion from each ADU we build back into the local community. So by shopping with DREC you are not only helping your pocketbook but the environment as well. Thank you for choosing DREC Construction INC. Lastly, we look forward to serving you.

ADU Builder Norwalk – Limited Lifetime Warranty

At DREC Construction INC, when it comes to ADU Builder Norwalk services, we truly differentiate ourselves from other competitors. We are committed to the success of your ADU project and strive for excellence with our construction practices.

Our customers value the fact that we offer a limited lifetime warranty that encompasses any ADUs and their construction and hardware in order to give them peace of mind and trust in our services. Even better, this warranty is transferrable between owners, meaning the ADU will be warranted no matter how many times it changes hands.

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find out they can sell their homes for more than they anticipated thanks to an ADU built by DREC Construction INC, giving home sellers another incentive. Above all else we hope you will always choose us as your ADU Builder Norwalk service because we care about making sure you have everything you need during each stage of the building process. Today as well as tomorrow!

If you’re looking for help with ADUs in Norwalk, contact us today for a free estimate! Be sure to mention that you found us online and we will give you a great introductory offer on your next ADU build-out.

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