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ADU Financing LA County

ADU Financing LA County – Easy Application

Looking for an easy way to get an ADU into your backyard without breaking the bank? DREC Construction has been paving the way for customers to get brand new ADU’s without having to use their own money. DREC offers some of the easiest ADU financing LA County options on the market today. We have streamlined our entire application process. Many of our lenders will make the loan on the construction to you just because we are referring you.

The application process is supremely easy and you will have an answer sometimes in as little as 1 day. DREC also offers in-house financing for many of our ADU financing LA County customers. With a minimal investment upfront and a small monthly bill you can have a brand-new ADU. Once paying for it is out of the way we can focus on giving you the quality build that you want and deserve.

Your brand new ADU will drive up your resale value quickly. When it comes time to sell your house your investment will pay dividends. Many of our customers remark that they make at least double on their original ADU investment. It could be even more depending on which city in Southern California you are in. Thanks for taking time out of your very busy day to learn more about DREC Construction. Call us today and mention you found us online a special deal.

ADU Financing LA County – Likely Approval

Working with DREC Construction for ADU Financing LA County has many benefits. Our exceptional track record of getting people financed has earned us a great reputation and no matter what the financial situation is, we strive to make ADU construction loan financing available to everyone.

We look forward to being your partner during this exciting process and when it’s all said and done, you can enjoy the skyrocket of resale value on your home because of the ADU build we completed.

With our ADU Financing LA County experts ready to answer any questions and provide support as needed, you’re sure to feel confident about taking this journey with us. We have many different financing options available. The chances for a likely approval is very high no matter your credit or cash flow situation. If all else fails we offer in house financing as well. Don’t hesitate, get started today!

ADU Financing LA County – Many Financing Options

ADU Financing LA County is an area that DREC excels in due to the vast array of financing options available to customers. Our referral services are top-notch, always finding the best loan experts who will beat bids to provide customers with great prices and low rates on ADU Financing LA County loan. We understand time is of the essence, providing our clients with a response and feedback swiftly.

Customers can take advantage of ADU Financing LA County regardless of credit history or proof income, helping them receive money quickly. Additionally, construction typically moves at a faster pace due to minimum administrative waiting periods and processing times. We make ADU Financing LA County an easy process, allowing our customers to receive their loan funds quickly and get started as soon as possible.

The only thing you need to do is give us a call today and we can pair you with the right lender. Our staff simply can’t wait to provide you with a one of a kind ADU. Let’s get started planning your next ADU today.

ADU Financing LA County – In-House Financing

ADU financing with DREC Construction is top notch. Our in-house financing options are the perfect solution for customers who have the intention to sell their ADU. We offer set up fees and monthly bills leading to thousands of dollars gained when you go to sell your home, making ADU financing with us an ultimately lucrative decision. Additionally, given the current high cost of rents in California, many of our clients are actually cash flow positive as soon as they rent out their ADU.

ADU Financing LA County with us leads to success. Get in touch with our staff today and take advantage of our excellent financing opportunity. ADU Financing LA County is easier than ever with DREC Construction.

Our in-house financing options make sense for many folks in varying situations. If you are building a granny flat and looking to bring a family member home as oppose to sending them an elder care facility there is tons of upside. We look forward to working together on even more complex situations. You will be happy you chose to work with DREC. We can’t wait to add you to our long list of happy customers. You can check out some of our most recent reviews on our home page. Thanks again for considering DREC for all of your ADU financing LA County needs.

ADU Financing LA County – The DREC Difference

At DREC, ADU Financing LA County and building unique ADU’s has been our focus for the past 15 years. We are proud to offer amazing quality ADU’s and excellent customer service to the many people we have worked with throughout this time.

We understand that this is a huge decision for any individual, so we strive to make sure that everybody who comes to us gets an undisputed amount of value from their ADU. To ensure this, we remain dedicated as a family-owned and operated business, devotedly crafting ADUs that meet our high standards of being worthy of even film or television use.

In living up to our commitment to quality over the years, we’ve proven that it is all it takes to thrive in this industry. What makes our company so unique is that we actually care about you and the outcome of your ADU install. We know that this can be a huge investment and stressful. We make sure that the entire process is streamlined for you and carefree and enjoyable time. Once we are doing your final walkthrough you will be amazed at how quick the whole process was. call us today and make your ADU dream a reality!

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