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ADU Contractor Glendale CA

The DREC ADU Difference

Thank you for your interest in our ADU Contractor Glendale CA company. We look forward to giving you a one-of-a-kind ADU buildout and installation. We have over two decades of accessory dwelling unit installs.  Our company name is synonymous with honesty and integrity.  Many of our accessory dwelling units have been featured on each cheek TV and many other television channels.  Although this is a relatively new marketplace that will grow over time we’ve been an industry leader since accessory dwelling units and granny flats have been around.  We probably service all of Southern California including Glendale. We hope you’ll give us one chance to provide for you a beautiful accessory dwelling unit.

We have many different designs available.  Our in-house design team will work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure that you get the exact accessory dwelling unit that you want.  Because of our ability to deliver on time and on budget we have grown to be the number one provider of accessory dwelling units and Glendale California. One called does it all.  No matter where you were at in the accessory dwelling unit build we can step in and guide your project to completion.  We do everything from pre-planning and permit pulling.  Our design staff is award-winning and give you a unique design for your backyard or attached dwelling unit.

When it comes time to sell your home you will be amazed at the amount of resale value that you get from installing a brand accessory dwelling unit.  Many of our customers report that there home sold for close to 100,000 more simply because they contacted us and have an accessory dwelling unit installed.  Please give us one chance to give you the accessory dwelling unit of your dreams and we promise will not let you down.  Reach out today for free estimate and our staff will quickly get to work and provide you with a one of a kind install

ADU Contractor Glendale CA

The ADU Benefits

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Are you wondering if you would benefit from an ADU installation to your beautiful home in Glendale? The long-term benefits of installing an ADU to the backyard of your home far outweigh the short-term hassle and costs associated with construction and the permitting process. The ADU Contractor Glendale experts at DRECC will make this whole entire process seamless and stress-free. We handle the entire process from beginning to end. We are the official one call does it all contractor when it comes to ADU’s.

We are perpetually inspired by our job because we love what we do and how much an ADU can transform the way you live and enjoy your home’s space. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more folks are having to stay home for longer periods of time. If you are like on of the millions of people who now work remotely from home perhaps you should consider updating your workstation to include its own unique space.

Think of how efficiently you will be working in your new space completely dedicated to your work. Many of our customers who we installed an ADU specifically for work have reported that they feel a renewed sense of peace and calm tied to their work. What is so great about an ADU for work is that at the end of the day you can go inside the main house and you can leave all of your work behind. We hope that you will bless us with the opportunity to give you a special space specifically for your work. As a business owner do you really want to navigate and manage all of the trials and tribulations of business from the kitchen table.

We feel that this type of behavior isn’t really honoring the intent of your business when you started out. I am sure like many people you planned on managing the business from home for just a short time. As it looks currently in 2022 the pandemic is here to stay for a while longer. We would love to install a brand new ADU for you and your business right into you backyard. All of our ADU’s come equipped with kitchens a full bathroom and an area for laundry hookups. Before we get started be sure to let us know what type of hook up you would like installed into your new ADU.

ADU Contractor Glendale CA

ADU's Increase The Resale Value of Your Home

ADU’s Increase The Resale Value of Your Home

As a result of installing one of our amazing quality ADU’s into the backyard of your home, your property value will be going up. Property values in Southern California and even Glendale have seen historic highs for most of 2021 and will see even higher prices into 2022 because the amount of inventory is low. If you are looking for ways to cash in on these historic home prices we have many options available to you. The installation of an ADU can hyperinflate your homes property value.

It would be a very conservative statement to say that you will get at least double what you spend on an ADU installation with our company returned to you when it comes time to close the sale of your home. We know this statement is true because we have seen it play out so often. It is a fact that your home will sit on the market for far less time when you have an ADU installed. What makes a home with an ADU is how rare it is. Here at DREC we always build your ADU with aesthetics in mind. Curb appeal is at the forefront of every single ADU design that we install.

We hope to hear about what is important when it comes to your ADU so we can build it to your exact requirements with your hopes and dreams built into it as well. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to learn more about our ADU’s give us a call and mention you found us online for a special deal.



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