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ADU Contractor Poway

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DREC will always strive to be the number 1 ADU Contractor Poway. With the price of homes reaching an all-time high in 2021 you can really cash in on the market by installing a multi-use ADU into your backyard. Our ADU’s are beautiful and can be used for many different functions and changed over time to fit your needs. Our most recent ADU install in Poway was a granny flat.  Granny flat is where your senior parent decides she wants needs assistance to continue living the way she wants. This solves the problem of having someone close to you not but to close. Your parent will love their new tiny home and the ability to maintain their independence.

Perhaps you already have an accessory dwelling unit installed in your backyard but you’re concerned about the permits and the approval of your current accessory dwelling unit.  Whatever changes need to be made to make sure that your accessory dwelling unit is compliant we can make it for you.  The limitations of our accessory dwelling unit installation is only your mind’s eye if you can dream it we can achieve it we take a great amount of pride and installing one of a kind accessory dwelling units to homes across Poway every single day. A question we are often asked by ADU customers of ours in Poway is what separates us from other ADU Contractors.

For us the answer has always been simple. No other ADU contractor cares about our customers as we do. We never cut corners and everything we do is built on honesty and integrity. You will also be shocked and amazed at the quality of our workmanship. We also have one of the best warranties in the world when it comes to our ADU’s give us a call today and let’s get started planning your next ADU install.

ADU Contractor Poway

Ethically Sourced ADU’s Poway

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Quality and Benefits of ADU’s

Here at DREC we take pride in every single aspect of our business including where and how we source our ADU’s building materials. What separates us from other ADU Construction Poway companies is that we ethically source all of our materials right here in San Diego County. We do this so it reduces the size of our carbon footprint.

We also love using local materials because it assures that the dollars you invest with us stay local. Due to the fact that we source all of our materials in San Diego means that we know exactly what goes into your ADU. We stand behind all of our ADU construction 100 percent which is why we offer a best in the business warranty on all of our ADU installs. When you purchase an ADU from DREC you get a lifetime warranty on all of the construction and hardware that goes into your ADU.

We will always put the needs of our customers before our own and our bottom lines. If one morning you wake up and something is just not right with the ADU you don’t need to stress all you have to do is give us a call. We can usually send someone out on the same day to resolve the issue with your ADU for you and no additional cost. What is great about our warranty is that it is fully transferrable when you decide to sell your home or property. This is a great sales tool when you are showing prospective home-buyers you’re home.

They will love the fact that they don’t have to worry about repairs to the ADU at all. The warranty in itself is worth thousands of dollars. When you finally close on a home all you need to do is tell the new homeowner to give us a call so we can update our information within our database and submit a brand new warranty certificate to them.

ADU Contractor Poway

Granny Flat ADU’s Poway

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Resale Value Increase

Granny Flats are a special kind of ADU built with your elderly parent or grandparent in mind. Bringing an elder home to live with you is a great idea especially given the pandemic and other social factors that are affecting the elderly in this day and age. We look forward to helping you and making this transition easy for you. Installing a granny flat is a great way to have your elder come live with you but also a good way to make sure they keep their independence.

When we install a granny flat we make sure that the design is perfectly suited for their needs. If your parent or grandparent is facing mobility issues we can build the ADU in a way that keeps them independent. We have years of ADU Contractor Poway experience and have even outfitted our ADU’s for our own staff. When the granny flat has served its purpose and it is time for your parent to move on the ADU is still flexible enough to be used for other things such as storage or even to rent it out. Poway is very close to the beach so renting out your ADU can make you thousands of dollars a year. Many of our past customers use apps like VRBO and AIRBNB to keep their ADU booked year around. This is one of the easier ways to pay down your mortgage note.

We look forward to helping you with your ADU no matter what you have in mind when it comes in terms of use or ware. Give us a call today and we will partner you up with someone from our design team and our build staff. We offer free in-home estimates and will send someone out to give you a free no-hassle estimate and to take measurements. Once we get started we do it from pulling permits to the final walkthrough. We guarantee you will be happy with your brand new ADU from DREC. Give us a call today and let’s get started planning your ADU install.



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