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ADU Building Irvine – Industry-Leading Designs

ADU Building Irvine with DREC is an unbeatable experience that sets the industry standard. ADUs from DREC are widely regarded as trend-setting opportunities that offer unmatched returns on investments.

What makes DREC truly unique is our focus on individual projects; unlike many other ADU builders, we don’t employ cookie-cutter designs to fit everyone’s needs and goals.

Our team of expert ADU builders have decades of industry experience, partnered with elite-level ADU designers who have been praised for their one-of-a-kind products and custom builds – created with efficiency and power in mind. You won’t believe what DREC can do for you!

ADU Building Irvine – Best Quality Materials

At DREC, we are immensely proud to be the top ADU Building Irvine company around and there is no wonder why. We put a major emphasis on using only the highest quality materials that is responsibly sourced in Irvine.

As a result, we understand our ADU products inside and out allowing us to stand firmly behind them with an unbeatable warranty.

We invest our time, effort, and resources into providing you with an ADU that will exceed your standard of excellence. Here at DREC ADU Building Irvine, our goal is always to provide only the best ADUs for our customers so that you can have the utmost trust and confidence in your new ADU from us.

ADU Building Irvine – Best Return on Investment

When you’re looking for ADU Building Irvine companies, look no further than DREC. We possess vast experience and expertise to get you the ADU build of your dreams quickly and at an affordable price.

Not only do we work with any size budget, but also provide financing if necessary to make sure that your ADU is built to exact specifications.

Our team is dedicated to creating the best possible results with maximum return on investment potential; many customers have achieved a total increase in their home worth several hundred thousand more than homes on their block, thanks to our capabilities. Look no further than DREC when you’re ready to improve upon your ADU Building Irvine project – contact us today!

ADU Building Irvine – Complete ADU Solutions

At DREC, our ADU Building Irvine services are designed to be one-call solutions that provide everything from the planning phase to the build-out phase.

We make sure you have a strong understanding of the plans before we move forward, and welcome any and all feedback during the installation. You don’t need to go searching for multiple companies to handle parts of your ADU Building Irvine project.

Simply call us and we’ll take care of it all! Our goal is always to give you ADU Building Irvine install that looks exactly how you envisioned it in your mind, so your complete satisfaction is our highest priority.

ADU Building Irvine – Best Warranty Available

ADU Building Irvine is proud to offer a best-in-the-business lifetime warranty on all ADU build-outs and installs. With this, you can have the peace of mind that, no matter how long you’ve had your ADU, our expert contractors are here to work with and for you in case an issue arises.

We stand behind our work 100%, so if something does come up–don’t worry. Our team will immediately swing into action to remedy the situation for you.

Furthermore, that same lifetime warranty is transferable; when it comes time to sell your ADU, you can use it as a great selling point to prospective buyers. All they need to do is give us a call once escrow closes and we’ll be happy to provide all the details.

ADU Building Irvine – Multiple Use ADU’s

DREC Construction is an ADU building specialist for southern California, offering ADU’s that are designed for multiple purposes. Our ADU’s provide an option when friends or family come to visit from out of town; they have their own place to relax and unwind after a full day.

ADU’s feature a complete kitchen, full size shower and bath, washing machine and dryer area, perfect for cleaning your linens or clothes.

These ADUs can also be used as man caves or granny units that look stylish with complements of modern features. We also offer ADU financing in Irvine so your ADU investment stays within budget. Our ADUs are perfect for the whole family whatever the occasion may be!

ADU Financing Irvine – Resale Value and Property Taxes

ADU financing in Irvine is one of the most common questions we get, and rightfully so — what can ADUs do to help increase a home’s resale value? Well, the biggest factor in determining that number is how much additional livable square footage ADUs add, which give homes better value on the market.

On top of that, ADUs also offer tax benefits with many cities allowing homeowners to write off some construction costs when it comes to tax time.

Depending on several different variables like location and size of a dwelling unit installed, ADU installation may increase property values anywhere from $200-$500 thousand, making ADUs excellent investments. Property taxation on ADU installation is typically only a minor cost–usually around 1-1.5% of the construction cost—allowing you to reap incredible rewards without breaking the bank!

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