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ADU Construction Brea

ADU Construction Brea

ADU Construction Brea – Affordable ADU Build-Outs

Now is the perfect time to embark on ADU Construction Brea projects due to the current skyrocketing home prices. At DREC, we offer ADUs of remarkable quality at a fraction of what other companies charge, making us an obvious choice for your ADU Construction Brea needs.

We have been the leading provider in this field for over 10 years, and during that time have completed thousands of ADU Construction Brea projects.

Our founder, Daniel Messina’s work has been featured on HGTV and other home remodeling shows, providing testimony to our outstanding work. So if you’re looking for ADU Construction Brea services that won’t break your bank but will dramatically increase the resale value of your home, then do not hesitate to call DREC today for a free estimate!

ADU Construction Brea

ADU Construction Brea – Best Warranty

At DREC Construction INC, ADU Construction Brea is our specialty and we take great pride in offering the highest quality ADU projects. When we complete a construction project for you, you are sure to receive the best materials, hardware and craftsmanship that money can buy.

Our ADU Construction Brea projects come with a lifetime warranty that covers any issues that may arise during the life of your ADU. Every ADU we construct has a form that must be filled out to process the warranty.

In addition, when it comes time to sell your home, the ADU’s warranty automatically transfers to its new owners so they would know to contact us if they ever had an issue. By choosing DREC Construction INC for your ADU Construction Brea needs, you can be sure of getting only the best ADUs available while enjoying peace of mind with our amazing lifetime warranty!

ADU Construction Brea

ADU Construction Brea – Financing Available

The ADU Construction Brea market is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of, yet it can be expensive when it comes to financing a project. Here at DREC, we understand this and have 15 different financing options available that our loan companies love to work with.

In the unlikely event that none of our options are right for you, don’t worry; there are several in-house finance options specifically designed for customers in your situation. Whether opting for one of our financing companies or using one of our other options to plan an ADU Construction Brea project, the value of your home will increase dramatically once it’s complete.

 If you’re ready to stand up and invest in ADU Construction Brea today, get in contact with someone from DREC and find out more about the finance team.

ADU Construction Brea

ADU Construction Brea – Most Experienced ADU Builders

ADU Construction Brea is a service provided by DREC and can be counted on to provide exceptional quality and longevity. With over 30 years of experience and many successful ADU projects already completed, we have earned our status as the industry leader. Our ADU design team is the most sought-after in the business, creating ADUs that are sure to stand the test of time.

We offer full-size kitchens and bathrooms in all of our ADUs to provide optimal space for living or perhaps an additional source of income as a rental unit.

Our ADUs are an excellent investment for anyone looking for long-term utility out of their property as these structures last long beyond their initial build. As such, our ADU Construction Brea service has become a popular choice for ensuring increased value in any real estate portfolio without breaking the bank. Call us now to find out more about why DREC is the trusted provider!

ADU Construction Brea – Luxury Design ADU Builders

When you are looking for ADU Construction Brea, you know that there are many options for providers. However, here at DREC we believe that we are simply the better choice. Our designs have a quality and elegance unsurpassed by our competitors; and it’s been testified to by the countless awards these designs have won, as well as their appearances in films and movies.

With us you can be sure of getting the very most return on your investment when it comes to ADU Construction Brea. We leverage relationships with hardware and other providers because of how frequently we purchase materials, helping take a significant load off of your shoulders when it comes time to build your ADU.

And when it’s time to list your ADU for sale, you can rest assured that the beauty and function of our design will result in top dollar for you! So get started now by giving our team a call today – let DREC bring ADU Construction Brea success to your home.

ADU Construction Brea – Ethically Sourced Materials

At DREC ADU Construction Brea, we are committed to doing our part for mother nature. We believe that ADU’s don’t have to come at the expense of hurting the environment, so we always make sure to use only the highest quality ethically sourced materials on all our ADU builds. As a local ADU construction provider in Brea, choosing to shop locally allows us not only to foster relationships with neighbors and businesses but also help reduce our carbon footprint.

The same level of respect and care that we have for our planet is applied when it comes to building your ADU as we limit our carbon footprint wherever possible. We believe in going above and beyond for each ADU project we take on and satisfying your needs while benefitting communities across southern California.

Ultimately, by doing business with DREC you are investing not only in quality work but making a positive impact on the world at large. It is our passion for both design and the environment that separates us from other ADU providers in Brea and allows us to build your ADU without having any detrimental effect on our natural resources.

ADU Construction Brea – Rental Income

ADU Construction Brea companies provide their customers with many unexplored benefits, such as rental income. People in many locations have the chance to rent out ADUs for an amount ranging from $1,500 to $3,000, sometimes making these ADUs effectively pay for themselves in the long run.

ADUs can also be a great place for adults and older age children who need space and privacy; additionally, by allowing college-aged offspring to stay rent-free up to four years at the ADU, parents can ensure that their child is able to accumulate funds for when they move out of the ADU after graduation.

Many of our customers use ADUs as a final living space for their senior family members; an ADU provides a much more welcoming atmosphere than sending parents into senior living arrangements. With all that ADUs have to offer and more, it’s no wonder they are becoming increasingly popular!

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