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ADU Contractor Buena Park

ADU Contractor Buena Park

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The city of Buena Park has recently made it much easier to have an ADU installed on your home’s existing property. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the increase in homelessness ADUs seem to be having a renaissance. The price of an average home in Buena Park has risen to be upwards of 800k at the time of this page being published (Dec 2021). If you are looking to cash in on the rise of the cost of a home you should consider hiring an ADU Contractor Buena Park. We have been an award-winning and industry leader when it comes to ADU Contractor Buena Park installs for 30 years.  No matter what I do you have when it comes to installing your accessory dwelling unit in Buena park California where the company, can see your project through until the end.  The owners of our accessory dwelling unit company have had their ADU’s featured in both movies television and print magazines.

As your ADU Contractor Buena Park we will always go out of our way to make sure that the accessory dwelling unit that you have always dreamed of is the same exact one that ends up on your property. Our ADU Contractor Buena Park service’s have both been featured in commercial and residential applications.  Depending on the uses of your ADU Contractor Buena Park project.  This year alone many Californians have said that the hardest part about living in California is finding affordable housing as a homeowner in Buena Park you can leverage this issue by renting out your ADU in your backyard.  People will gladly pay anywhere from 8000 of $2000 a month for the type of accessory dwelling units that we install.

If your hope is to rent out your accessory dwelling unit we can install it with a full working kitchen and bathroom and laundry unit. We have seen more and more ADU Contractor Buena Park projects because people want to rent out the units that we create so they can help pay down the mortgage on their beautiful property located in Buena Park California. This can be a wonderful dream come true because of how expensive it is to live in California these days.

ADU Contractor Buena Park

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Another great benefit of your brand-new Accessory Dwelling Unit Buena Park project is that your ADU can be doubled for as an office space. If you are not renting out your ADU and you work from home, consider using your ADU as a place to manage your business or work from. Many of our recent ADU Contractor Buena Park jobs have been for those who run small businesses and have decided that running the business from their kitchen table was not advantageous to the growth of their business.

You will have a brand new place completely independent from your home in which to manage phone calls, write up estimates or whatever type of stuff you have to work on related to your business. In addition to the work benefits, a dedicated office space allows a physical boundary to exist between work life and personal life, leading to a healthier and more balanced mental state. What is great about your completed ADU Contractor Buena Park project is the flexibility that your ADU brings.  If you have an adult child that needs a place to stay while he attends college our fingers at what he’s gonna do with the rest of his or her life and an accessory dwelling unit is the perfect place for them to do that at.

  What makes an Accessory Dwelling Unit Buena Park great is that your adult child can maintain their independence while still under the care and nurturing eye of their parents.  Instead of having to pay an apartment complex or a consortium of condominiums, they’ll be able to save up in their private accessory dwelling unit on your property.  You’ll have the luxury of seeing your children every day without the stress of having to share a bathroom door kitchen with them. Thank you for considering us as your ADU Contractor Buena Park provider. We hope to hear from you soon. We offer free no hassles estimates and can come to your home so we can have a better idea on exactly what you are looking for in terms of design. Thanks again for checking us out.

ADU Contractor Buena Park

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If you are looking for the best ADU Contractor then you have come to the right place. DREC has been the industry leader for close to 20 years now. We know that there is an endless amount of contractors in Buena Park who claim to install ADU’s but we can assure you that they are not even close to the level of our work. We have perfected the art of the ADU install. We also wanted to let you know that our staff of ADU designers and installers are one of the only companies in California to have had their ADU work featured in films and TV shows.

Our goal is to always furnish our customers with a unique structure that is specifically designed for their needs and wants. We have noticed in the past few years that many of our ADU installs are for Granny Flats or senior living accessory dwelling units. If you are in need of a senior living ADU DREC is the company to talk to. We have successfully installed thousands of ADU’s for the elderly. We know that no 2 ADU’s are alike and would love to discuss what your hopes and dreams are for your brand new ADU.

In terms of elder care ADU’s we can install low edges and nonslip floors for the mobility impaired. If your elderly tenant requires a wheelchair ramp and wheelchair access we can accommodate any of the requirements you may need.  Thanks again for checking out our website. We value you and your time. Call in and mention you found us online for a special deal.



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