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ADU Building Long Beach – Industry-Leading Designs

ADU building Long Beach services is all that DREC specializes in, and they certainly live up to the claim of an industry leader. Offering builds that are unmatched in ROI value and level of quality, what truly sets DREC apart from their competitors is the custom-tailored ADU’s that will be designed just for your project.

No more cookie-cutter designs; no need to settle for an ADU that wasn’t created with your specific needs in mind.

DREC’s team consists of elite builders, each boasting decades of ADU experience, alongside designers who are world-renowned for their unique creations with both function and efficiency at the forefront. Put your trust in DREC’s ADU building Long Beach services, and you won’t be disappointed. You will be amazed!

ADU Building Long Beach – Best Quality Materials

At DREC, our commitment to high-quality ADU building is second to none. We use only the highest-grade materials available and take extra care to ensure the materials are ethically sourced from the Long Beach area.

As a result, we have a full understanding of our ADU products which allows us to provide exceptional warranty service even after purchase. With each ADU building in Long Beach, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best ADU building on the market today that was built using premium sources.

So if you’re looking for an ADU Building in LA, make sure you come to DREC. You won’t regret it!

ADU Building Long Beach – Best Return on Investment

ADU Building Long Beach is one of the most competitive markets in the country, yet DREC stands out for truly exceptional results when it comes to return on investment. We offer comprehensive ADU construction services at any budget and even provide financing if needed.

Our dedicated staff provides individualized client guidance to bring your ADU dream home to life. The great news is that if you choose ADU Building Long Beach from DREC, there is a potential of a huge payout when the time comes to sell your home due to the high value our ADUs generate.

Joining countless others who reap the rewards of their ADU build could be just around the corner with DREC. Call us now for your ADU project! Not only will you be happy with the finished results but you will also be amazed at how quickly a brand-new ADU appears in your backyard.

ADU Building Long Beach – Complete ADU Solutions

DREC stands out from other ADU Building Long Beach companies with its one-stop solutions. Our ADU Building Long Beach process starts with designing your ADU and obtaining the necessary permits and continues through to the very end of the build-out phase.

Not only do we provide an easy transition between each step, but we also value your feedback throughout the entire process so that you are left with an ADU that meets your initial vision.

This means that when you call us, you will be confident that our ADU Building Long Beach services will take good care of you from beginning to end.

ADU Building Long Beach – Best Warranty Available

ADU Building Long Beach contractors from DREC look forward to helping you with any ADU build-out and install issue you experience. With our lifetime warranty, never worry about a problem arising.

We understand how important your ADU is and that’s why we give each ADU customer a transferrable lifetime warranty. Comforting knowing that whenever an issue might arise, or you’re looking to sell your house, ADU Building Long Beach services are merely a phone call away.

What’s even better is that it’s peace of mind for any future ADU owner, as the warranty transfers with the sale of your property. Instantly becoming a selling point for prospective buyers! When you’re looking for reliable ADU building services, contact DREC. We look forward to handling all of your ADU needs. You will be shocked at how quickly we can complete this project just for you.

ADU Building Long Beach – Multiple Use ADU’s

The ADU’s built by DREC Construction in Southern California are about far more than just home renovations – they are about creating a living space that can be used for multiple purposes. ADU’s can provide the perfect area to welcome friends and family from out of town with their own space right within your own backyard, all equipped with a full kitchen, shower, and bath so you don’t have to compete for area’s when it’s time to get ready.

And because we at DREC Construction understand the convenience, ADU’s also come wired with a washer and dryer so other daily activities don’t have to take time away from enjoying time with your guests.

Our ADU’s are also great as man caves or extra granny units – you name it! ADU Financing Long Beach is available too, making renovating even easier. Stop by today and become one of our satisfied ADU owners!


ADU Financing Long Beach – Resale Value and Property Taxes

ADU installations are a great way to add lasting value to your home. With ADUs rising in popularity, one of the most common questions we get asked is how much the ADU installation will increase the resale value of your home. The answer can vary from city to city, so here’s what generally sticks out no matter where you live.

ADUs add livable square footage to your property, and this additional footage increases the total value of your property significantly. Additionally, some of the construction costs you incur when building an ADU can be written off come tax time.

This means that in most cases, depending on certain variables like ADU financing in Long Beach, your resale value could easily increase anywhere from 200-500 thousand dollars. With such big potential returns, another common question we are asked is how ADUs will affect your property tax situation; according to what we’ve seen throughout our experience, assessment offices will likely raise taxes by 1%-1.5% of the total cost of construction. A small hit for such a huge benefit.

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