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ADU Building Corona – Industry-Leading Designs

DREC is the premier ADU building Corona services provider. Our company has built a sterling reputation in the ADU industry to become the trendsetter and leader for our inventive designs, superior quality ADUs, and remarkable ROI with each build.

What makes DREC stand out from the competition is that we take a bespoke approach on every project. Unlike many of our competitors who offer similar, run-of-the-mill designs, we strive to surpass your expectations through personalized designs utilizing decades of industry experience of our team of master builders and award-winning designers.

Our ADUs are not only visually appealing but maximize functionality and efficiency to generate maximum value for your property. At DREC we are confident in exceeding your ADU building needs, no matter what unique requirements you may have. Get ready to marvel at the possibilities that await when you work with us!

ADU Building Corona – Best Quality Materials

At DREC, we consider ourselves the best ADU Building Corona company for good reason. We are committed to using exceptionally high-quality materials in all of our ADUs, and these materials are ethically sourced right here in Corona.

By having complete transparency on where our ADUs’ components come from, we are able to create ADUs that meet our exacting standards of quality, which is why we proudly offer an outstanding assurance guarantee with all of our ADUs.

When you choose us to construct your ADU building in Corona, you can have peace of mind that you are getting a top-of-the-line product that’s been assembled with care. Our ADUs stand apart in the sector because they combine Corona craftsmanship and the highest quality materials into one remarkable package.

ADU Building Corona – Best Return on Investment

With ADU Building Corona, you have multiple options. What sets DREC apart from the competition is our commitment to ensuring maximum return on your investment. No matter the budget, we will make it work and even if you need financing too, we’ll get that sorted out as well.

Our staff will work tirelessly with you to give shape to all your ADU ideas, so that the finished product is exactly what you’ve envisioned.

And when it comes time to sell, many of our customers are astounded by how much their homes are worth compared to other houses down the block – often these values run as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars! It doesn’t take an economics professor to see that ADU Building Corona makes great financial sense in today’s hot real estate market. Pick up the phone now and give us a call so we can take things from here!

ADU Building Corona – Complete ADU Solutions

What makes DREC so unique when it comes to ADU Building Corona services is our one-call solutions. We understand the importance of providing a complete service, from beginning to end, for ADU Building Corona projects – no project too big or small.

Throughout the entire process, from the planning phase to the build-out phase and beyond, we handle all of the permits and designs while remaining in radio contact with you to get your honest feedback throughout each step of the ADU Building Corona process.

We’re determined to fulfill your vision for ADU Building Corona and bring it to life exactly as you originally envisioned it – no strings attached. That’s what sets us apart as industry leaders in ADU Building Corona services; because at DREC, we take our commitments seriously and pride ourselves on delivering nothing short of excellence.

ADU Building Corona – Best Warranty Available

ADU Building Corona from DREC is not only the best in the business, but your peace of mind is also ensured with our lifetime warranty. Your ADU installation is going to stay with you for years and we pledge to stand behind it too!

With us at your side, no concerns will remain unanswered and no issue will linger unresolved. We understand that life can get hectic and as time passes some things can slip through the cracks– Not ADUs with a lifetime warranty from DREC!

If that isn’t assurance enough, we transferrable warranties are a huge boon when selling your home down the line. New owners can take advantage of this anxiety-free solution just by giving our friendly team a call.


ADU Building Corona – Multiple Use ADU’s

ADU Financing Corona is what DREC Construction specializes in! As the ADU building experts of southern California, our ADUs are designed with multiple uses in mind. Not only do our ADUs offer you a convenient, comfortable solution for houseguests that are out of town and visiting, but they also come complete with a full kitchen and size shower/bath. Additionally, we understand how important having convenience and flexibility can be when living in an ADU.

For this reason, we provide every ADU with a washing machine and dryer area so that laundry can be done without difficulty or hassle. Whether your ADU will become a man cave or granny unit – rest assured that at DREC Construction we have given consideration to all possible uses.

Making our ADUs the perfect place to call home! If you have any questions, we invite you to call and speak with one customer service reps. After speaking to someone from our build or design team you will see the difference between us and other ADU builders.

ADU Financing Corona – Resale Value and Property Taxes

ADU financing in Corona can be a complex process, with many variables that have an associated cost. One of the most common questions we receive from homeowners is related to ADU installation and its effect on the resale value of their home.

The answer depends on a range of factors, but in general an ADU can increase your square footage- which has a significant effect on the value of your property. On top of this you could also write off some of the construction costs once tax time comes around, potentially leading to an uptick in resale value ranging anywhere between two and five hundred thousand dollars.

Another popular query regards how ADUs affect property tax- typically they will cause your tax rate to go up by just one or one and a half percent per year; a small fee for such significant returns!

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