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ADU Contractor Newport Beach

ADU Contractor Newport Beach

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Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to learn more about ADU Contractor Newport Beach. The covid 19 pandemic made sure people stayed home a lot more often over the past few years. Additionally, there’s a homeless crisis that has been facing California for quite some time.  Because of these extenuating circumstances, the state government in California has decided to lessen the restrictions on building accessory dwelling, ADU.

ADU Contractor Newport Beach

Not only is it much easier to get a permit but also zoning has been made much easier to deal with as well. We hope to help guide clients through this process and give them a one-of-a-kind accessory dwelling unit install to your home. The price of real estate in Newport Beach has always been some of the highest prices in California.

When you combine the high real estate prices with the crisis is that is facing Californians every day perhaps it’s time that you should consider installing an accessory dwelling unit.  An accessory dwelling unit can also skyrocket the price of your home.  In the marketplace for an add-on? Building hundreds of square feet could mean millions of dollars. We take care of getting you a cost-effective installation of an accessory dwelling unit. 

Don’t go with someone with no experience go with the pros of accessory dwelling units in Newport Beach California.  At DREC we have over 20 years or experience and a healthy track record that speaks for itself.

We work with any size budget and we’re ready to work when you are. Our build time frame to get an ADU installed in your backyard in just a few months. For more expensive and large projects, they can take much longer. Bear in mind that our process is much faster than a traditional remodel.

ADU Contractor Newport Beach

ADU Contractor Newport Beach

The housing market in Newport Beach California has never been hotter. If you are looking for a way to cash in on the real estate market in Newport Beach California perhaps it is time to consider installing an accessory dwelling unit in your backyard. We’ve built many of these accessory dwelling units in many different applications for our customers. 

We’ve built them as pool houses, as well as senior living facilities and we have even built them as regular storage units. No matter what you had in mind for your next ADU Contractor Newport Beach project we want to hear about it.

In many cases we can have a brand new ADU Contractor Newport Beach project completed for you in just a few short months if you exclude the amount of time it takes for the city of Newport Beach to grant us a permit. We are the number one ADU Contractor Newport Beach service around and we hope that you’ll give us a call today so can begin to discuss your next project. 

Many of our customers who live in Newport Beach have reported that after they installed an accessory dwelling with us they’re able to resell their home for upwards of $500,000 higher than they thought it would go for.

Much of our work is in Orange County and the LA Area. Please give us a call and speak to one of our ADU Contractor Newport Beach experts. Due to how much demand there is we are usually book up months in advance. Give us a call and set up an appointment to come out and look at building your ADU Contractor Newport Beach project. We hope to hear from you soon and get you started planning your Newport Beach accessory dwelling unit installation. 

ADU Contractor Newport Beach

Quality ADU Construction

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Quality and Benefits of ADU’s

Newport Beach is easily the pinnacle of the Orange County living experience. Properties here can be sold for anywhere from 1 to 50 million dollars. Be sure to not just let anyone work on your million-dollar property. Go with a company that has the most ADU Construction Newport Beach experience. DREC has over 2 decades of quality ADU Construction Newport Beach installs. 

We are easily the most experienced when it comes to ADU Construction Newport Beach services. We have completely streamlined our services so that our installations are not only a breeze to work with but the are efficient as well. We are environmentally safe and friendly to your home and we build to  last for years to come. We are also committed to making sure that your ADU functions as close to net-zero as possible.

You will also be happy to learn that we ethically source all of our ADU materials right here in the USA. This means that your ADU is made in America and built to last a lifetime. We also have made the commitment to sourcing all of our hardware and materials in California as well. Keeping your dollars local not only reduces your carbon footprint but also makes sure that the money stays within your community. 




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