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ADU Contractor Manhattan Beach

ADU Contractor Manhattan Beach

DREC ADU Installer Manhattan Beach

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Resale Value Increase

Are you looking for a way to add resale value to your home?  Are you also looking for a way to increase rental income for you and your family that can be offset via tax.  An accessory dwelling unit can make your home a whole lot more comfortable and a way to earn more rental income for your beautiful Manhattan Beach property. For the past two decades, DREC has been for filling the hopes and desires when it comes to Manhattan Beach customers who were looking to install an accessory dwelling unit.  We have a wonderful award-winning in-house design staff that Builds unique one-of-a-kind not seen anywhere else accessory dwelling units.

This can mean thousands of dollars in new rental income for you.  When it comes time to sell your home may sell for thousands and in some cases tens of thousands more.  This all depends on how great of an accessory dwelling unit you have installed to your home. When we speak to prospective new accessory dwelling unit customers one of the most common questions that we are asked is.  What separates us from other adu contractors in Manhattan Beach.  For us the answer is simple there’s no other contractor that you can find the care’s as much about your accessory dwelling unit install as much as we do.

We will always go out of the way to make sure that you get a one-of-a-kind install fit specifically to your home and with a budget that you provided us with.  We’ve made a name for ourselves because we’re able to deliver our projects on time and on budget every time. Rest easy knowing you are in the licensed bonded and insured hands at DREC ADU Installers. We will always make sure that you get a premium ADU install every time. We take a great amount of pride in every single ADU that we install all over Southern California.

ADU Contractor Manhattan Beach

Flexible Living Spaces

ADU Riverside Garage Conversion

The housing crisis that is gripping Southern California should be the perfect opportunity for property owners to cash in. The price of homes in Southern California is setting records year over year. With the creation of VRBO and AIRBNB now is the time to install a brand new ADU to your backyard. You could very easily make thousands of dollars every single month renting out your ADU. We build all of our ADUs to include a full bathroom and kitchen as well as an area for laundry. These types of ADU’s are completely functional and your guests will not need access to your home at any time. No matter what size budget or your intent is for your ADU we have a solution that will work for you.

We have seen our ADU’s be used in many different formats ranging from granny flats which are what you call an ADU when you design and build it for older folks such as grandparents or elderly parents. We can outfit a granny flat with no slip flooring as well as low corners and ledges for those who have mobility issues. Granny flats are great because you can keep a close eye on your family member while letting them have a sense of independence. What also makes a granny flat superior is that any rent you pay to a nursing home or memory care facility you will never see a return on however when you go to sell your home you will make a tremendous return on your granny flat. Due to the covid-19 pandemic more and more are being forced to work remotely and for many, this is a permanent change.

If you are going to be working from home from now on perhaps you should consider housing your job in one of our ADU’s. Studies have shown that working your job from an ADU or an independent space will make you more efficient. If you are a business owner you will love managing your business from inside one of our ADU’s then at the end of the day you can leave your work outside and go into the main house and get away from it all. We hope that you will give us the chance to be your ADU Contractor in Manhattan Beach. We will go out of our way to make sure that you get exactly what you need at a price that is affordable. We offer in-house financing as well and can assure you that you will get a great low rate at which to pay us back at.

ADU Contractor Manhattan Beach


ADU Contractor Burbank – DREC ADU Installs Burbank CA

DREC is a family-owned and operated business that for the past 20 years has become the industry leader when it comes to ADU installs and construction in Southern California. We can safely say that no other company in California has as much experience as we do when it comes to ADU’s. Our goal is always to provide unique designs coupled with ethically sourced materials. There is no part of our business that we have not put an immense amount of time or energy into figuring out what is best for both our consumers and the environment. We are always striving to find a better union between us the environment and our customers.

We love what we do and we stand behind our work 100%. We have the best warranty in the business. You are completely covered for anything that might happen to your ADU. Your warranty is for the lifetime of the product which means forever. When it comes time to move on from your home and your ADU please be sure to share with the owners their warranty information and who to call in case of an ADU emergency. The only thing they need to do is call and let us know they are the new owners and we will transfer the warranty to them and issue another certificate. Thanks again for checking out our website we hope to be your ADU Contractor Manhattan Beach and want you to call in soon.


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