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ADU Contractor Long Beach

ADU Contractor Long Beach

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Because of the severity of the covid 19 pandemic and the homeless crisis that has been plaguing California for many years accessory dwelling units and the laws regarding them have been made much more favorable during 2021 and 2022.  If you are looking for a one of a kind solution to your housing needs and an increase for space than perhaps it’s time that you’ve considered an accessory dwelling unit installation in your Long Beach home. One of the easiest ways to increase the resale value of your home in Long Beach is with the addition of an accessory dwelling unit. Due to the changes of the accessory dwelling unit laws in California our ADU’s our one of the easiest ways now that you can offset the expenses of the main house.

When you couple are accessory dwelling units with solar panels were naturally saving on energy in reducing the carbon footprint of the main home as well.  We have many different options available to you and look for to hearing from you soon and helping you create an accessory dwelling unit that you’ve always dreamed of. Accessory dwelling units are not exactly a new trend the one that is currently changing.  We are here to help you see the best in your accessory dwelling units situation.

In many cases we can install a brand new accessory dwelling unit for you as the last a day.  This all depends on the size and scope of your project no matter what you had in mind we would love to hear from you today and start planning your next to accessory dwelling unit project.  Give us a call and will give you free no-hassle estimate on what it will take to get the accessory dwelling of your dreams installed into your backyard. We always pull the proper permits and build to exceed the needs of your local codes. We have a one-of-a-kind install that will perfectly fit your backyard.

ADU Contractor Long Beach

Custom ADU Options

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DREC has installed hundreds of ADU’s across Long Beach. There is no other company that has as many custom ADU options as we do. If you check out our homepage you can see the many different options that you can choose from in terms of buildout and size. If you are interested feel free to contact us today so we can partner you with one of our amazing design staff.  Our designers and builders will sit with you and work at a design that encompasses all of your required needs and wants when it comes to an accessory dwelling unit been added to your Long Beach home.

Please keep in mind that we’ve worked with projects that small budgets and even $1,000,000 budgets so no matter what you’re looking to spend will make sure that our accessory dwelling unit that gets installed to your home is the exact one that you’ve always hoped of and dreamed of. Many of our customers love the options that we provide for them.  We definitely have some unique options that are available to you.  Our designer sub many pictures as well as many samples and will help you select everything even down to the fixtures.

When it comes to designing your accessory dwelling unit would love to hear your feedback and please share with us every single thing that you are thinking so we know exactly how to attack your project. We also offer inhouse financing which means that you can get exactly which are looking for and a price that is affordable to you.  We offer monthly payments that small down payments to get started.  Surely we can work together to get you the clear you need to go in terms of your custom accessory dwelling unit installation

ADU Contractor Long Beach

Ethically Sourced ADU Materials

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DREC has made the commitment to build projects as close to net-zero as possible. We have made a commitment to ethically sourcing all of our materials that will be installed into your excel sri dwelling unit.  Every item down to the hardware is sourced right here in United States of America.  When we receive money from you were always sure to invest it back into your local economy keeping your dollars local is also another way you can help small business and improve your local community.  All of our accessory dwelling units are built to code and will be inspected by the local municipalities and of course, we’ll pass.

Because we install hundreds of accessory dwelling units per year we believe it is our part to help the environment and to make sure that all of our building, as well as our hardware, is handled an environmentally friendly way. As the industry-leading ADU Contractor Long Beach service the least we can do is worry about the environment. Our carbon footprint would be very huge if we installed 100’s of ADU’s per year and did little or nothing to offset our emissions and cost and that is just not acceptable. We could not call ourselves the number 1 ADU Contractor Long Beach service if we paid little or mind to this.

We hope that you will give us a call today so we can discuss how we can provide you with an excellent ADU that will increase the resale value of your home while combating carbon emissions and lowering your carbon footprint. We know that there are many options available to you when it comes to choosing an ADU contractor but no other contractor has a superior product and we can guarantee that no other contractor looks out for your community or the environment like we do. Trust DREC as your ADU contractor and join the thousands of customers what we have blessed with a quality ADU install. Give us a call today and we will send out someone from our design team for a free no-hassle estimate on one of our ADU’s


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