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ADU Contractor Tustin

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ADU Contractor - Newport Beach

The city of Tustin is a beautiful city.  Tustin has much to offer no matter how old you are or what type of hobbies you have.  Customers are also very close to Disneyland and Anaheim convention center. The city of Tustin also features many shopping malls and high-end stores. Tustin has been going through a renaissance and because of this, the property values have begun skyrocketing.  Don’t you want to cash in on that all-time high of property values in Tustin.  One of the easiest ways to increase the resale value and the curb appeal of your home is to install an accessory dwelling unit from our service.

No two accessory dwelling units that we install are the same you’ll be getting a unique and custom-designed accessory dwelling unit built specifically for your custom property.  Because of the change to recent laws in the city of Tustin is now easier than ever to install an accessory dwelling unit into your backyard.  Don’t hire just anybody hire someone with the best 30 years of ADU Contractor Tustin service.  We are one of the most sought-after ADU Contractor Tustin services around.  We invite you to look but you will not find another contractor who is as much knowledge or know-how or as many completed accessory dwelling units in the city of Tustin as we do.  We hope you’ll give us one opportunity to be your chosen ADU Contractor Tustin service.

We always go out of our way to make sure that your project ends on budget and on time but is the hallmark of our service will continue to be that.  Many of our customers are amazed at our attention to detail and the quality of the work that we provide at the price you provided at.  If you’re interested in getting an accessory dwelling unit install to your home give us a call today and discuss what your project looks like with our design staff.  We’ll always build your accessory dwelling unit to match the look and feel of your home’s current aesthetic.

ADU Contractor Tustin

DREC ADU Contractor Tustin

What makes our accessory dwelling units so wonderful and fabulous is that we design them with the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.  As you grow older start a family or change jobs you might have different needs for your accessory dwelling unit.  We make sure that all of our accessory dwelling units feature a kitchen a bathroom as well as a place to do your Laundry. Many of the plans for ADUs in Tustin we have received over the past 18 months were regarding how to put an ADU into your backyard for office purposes.

As we roll into year 3 of the pandemic of Covid-19 you might want to rethink managing your business or your job from the kitchen table. As we have spoken about earlier our Accessory Dwelling Unit Tustin projects are flexible so feel free to manage your business from your brand new ADU and you will see how your life improves. You can leave all of the stress and work-related issues outside in your brand new ADU.

Once the pandemic subsides and we go back to a more normal way of life you can use the Accessory Dwelling Unit Tustin project that we installed in a whole new way. Due to the flexibility of our structures, you can use our Accessory Dwelling Unit Tustin projects just about in any fashion. Go ahead and give us a call today you will be happy you did. We have award-winning ADU Contractor Tustin experts who are waiting to hear from you. Call us today and let’s get started planning your next ADU Contractor Tustin project.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Tustin

Granny Flats

ADU Contractor - Newport Beach

One of the most common applications of an ADU that we are asked about by Tustin residents is the granny flat.  Granny flats are a great option for those who have an elderly family member who wishes to remain at home as opposed to going to a nursing home or a memory care facility. Studies have shown that Granny Flats are a great way to keep your family member alive for longer. Something about the sense of dignity and independence and the proximity in which they are to you will give them hope and comfort of familiar faces. Aside from the medical benefits to your elder, there are also many financial benefits and a ton of upgrades we can do to the ADU to make sure they are safe.

If you were to send your elder to a memory care facility or a nursing home you will have to pay a very steep rental price every single month. Because of the pandemic and the homeless crisis prices have never been higher for assisted living. If you were to install a granny flat you will be able to recover the money spent on the ADU when it comes time to sell your house. If and when the elder moves on you can then rent out the ADU and recover the money that way as well as have a windfall of cash when it comes time to sell. We also install several fail-safes into the granny flat to protect your family member.

Non-slip floors, as well as low edges and wheel chair ramps, are all ways we can accommodate your elder family member. We design these so that you have peace of mind and so that your family member can maintain independence. If you have any questions or specific concerns about your ADU or Granny Flat please feel free to call in and discuss these options with one of our experts. We also offer special financing options for those seeking granny flats. We want to help you during this transitional time in your parent’s or grandparents’ life and not be a stress to you. Give us a call and mention you found us online for a great deal on your granny flat. Thanks again for considering us as your DREC ADU Contractor Tustin service.



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