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ADU Financing Glendale

ADU Financing Glendale – Easy Application

Are you looking for an easy way to get an ADU into your backyard without breaking the bank? DREC Construction is here to help! We have been paving the way for customers to get brand new ADU’s without having to use their own money. Our ADU financing Glendale options have been streamlined and made easier than ever, with lenders that will make the loan on the construction simply because we are referring you.

We even offer in-house financing for many of our ADU financing Glendale customers.

The application process takes no time at all and applicants can hear back in as little as one day! And once the ADU is approved and paid-for, we’ll get to work building you a quality product that will add value to your property quickly. Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of DREC’s ADU financing solutions today, and enjoy your brand-new ADU tomorrow!

ADU Financing Glendale – Likely Approval

When it comes to ADU Financing Glendale, DREC Construction is the place to be. We have an exceptional track record of getting just about anyone financed when it comes to ADU builds.

Here at DREC Construction, we understand that financial situations come in all shapes and sizes, but with us, you can trust that we will always do our best and go the extra mile to make sure you get the ADU loan you need.

What makes working with us even more special is that after your ADU build has been completed your home’s resale value will skyrocket – allowing you to benefit from this even more! So don’t wait any longer. DREC Construction is ready for you to take a leap of faith with us for all of your ADU Financing Glendale needs. If you have any questions or want to get started now, give us a call and find out what makes us the ADU Financing Glendale experts today!

ADU Financing Glendale – Many Financing Options

At DREC, we pride ourselves on having the most robust ADU Financing Glendale options available. We want our customers to get the best prices and lowest rates possible. That’s why our loan resources battle for loans – ensuring that you get a winning deal. Here, time is of the essence, as this is a fast-moving market; you won’t be waiting long for answers or money!

Even if credit scores are low or income tough to prove, ADU Financing Glendale options can still be explored.

Going forward, the funds could move quickly into your account – a pleasant surprise for many of our customers who assumed there was no hope in sight. This whole process has been streamlined, so rest assured that any construction works would relatively follow suit! Thanks again for considering DREC for all of your ADU building and financing needs. If you have any questions, we invite you to call and speak with one customer service reps. After speaking to someone from our build or design team you will see the difference between us and other ADU builders.

ADU Financing Glendale – In-House Financing

At DREC Construction, we understand that ADU financing is an important and necessary step to having a successful ADU project; that is why we offer a variety of flexible financing options and our in-house financing option with easy setup fees and monthly bills. Many of our customers choose this option because it allows them to make even more when they are ready to sell their homes due to the additional 400 Square feet as ADU provides which can make thousands more on the resale of the home.

It also guarantees our customers a cash flow positive situation when renting their ADU due to high rental costs in California. We take pride in being the ADU Financing Glendale provider of choice for those looking for ADU construction projects. Our staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance getting financed.

ADU Financing Glendale – The DREC Difference

At DREC in Glendale, ADU financing is our area of expertise, and we have been providing high-quality ADU’s for the past fifteen years.

We understand that buying a house is one of the most significant investments anyone will make in their life, so we take great care to ensure that our customers are getting the absolute most out of their ADU purchases.

What sets us apart is that we are family owned and operated, allowing us to provide an individualized experience to each and every customer. Furthermore, we strive to produce ADU’s of a quality fit for TV and film standard, ensuring that your ADU will live up to its full potential. So if ADU financing in Glendale is what you’re after, look no further than DREC! Call us today and experience the quality service we offer firsthand.

ADU Financing Glendale – Multiple Use ADU’s

ADU construction is the premier ADU building experts in Southern California. With ADU financing available in Glendale and beyond, they can help take your ADU project from exciting idea to a reality. Their ADUs are uniquely designed to provide comfort and convenience no matter what you’re using it for.

Whether it’s housing friends and family who have come in from out of town, providing a place for showering and getting ready, or even as a “man cave” to watch sports or granny unit for elderly relatives; ADUs built by ADU construction will provide exactly what you need.

All ADUs come with full kitchens, large showers and baths, plus separate laundry rooms fully equipped with washer and dryer so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up on the laundry- either yours or anyone visiting your ADU. ADU Construction’s commitment to quality workmanship ensures that no matter what purpose your ADU serves, there will be nothing but maximum satisfaction with how it looks and functions.

ADU Financing Glendale – Resale Value and Property Taxes

ADU financing in Glendale is one of the hot topics across the nation. One of the most common questions we are asked is how much will an ADU installation increase the resale value of your home. The answer can be complex and vary from city to city, however there are a few facts that remain clear no matter where you live.

Installing an ADU adds additional livable square footage to the property- usually what the value of your home is determined by- and you may be able to write off part of its construction cost come tax time. Depending on variables such as ADU size, location, type etc., your property’s resale value could increase anywhere from 200 to 500 thousand dollars. Another commonly asked question is how will an ADU effect my property tax situation?

Generally, from what we at ADU Financing Glendale have seen, the accessors office will increase your taxes by 1% to 1.5% of the cost associated with its construction; for such a small rise in fees you will certainly see great returns on this kind of investment.

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