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ADU Contractor Cypress

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ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Quality and Benefits of ADU’s

The price of your average home in Cypress California has skyrocketed over the years of 2020 and 2021. The best thing you can do if you are looking to increase the resale value of your home in Cypress is to start talking to an ADU Contractor Cypress expert. As I am sure you noticed when you purchased a home in Cypress that the cost was based off the square footage of your home.  If you select us to be your ADU Contractor Cypress provider we can any anywhere from 500 to 2000 square feet to your home under the current accessory dwelling unit rules and regulations in Cypress California.  We can sit down with you and go over the options that are available to you and come up with a one-of-a-kind design that will fit your needs.

The most common type of ADU Contractor Cypress installs that we’ve featured over the past few years was granny flats or senior stay accessory dwelling units.  What is great about a granny flat is it has a number of advantages for your parent or grandparent vs. shipping them off to a nursing home.  We saw a tremendous amount of requests for granny flats because of the fear of sending your loved one off to a nursing home and then being bunked with someone who has the covid 19 virus.  We saw this type of carelessness play out in many other states. It would certainly be a shame to lose a loved one because of the carelessness of the nursing home that you have sent them to. it’s much better for senior citizens to be near you and family.

Studies have shown that they live much longer when a grandparent is near the family unit more often. Children can learn from and bond with an older family member in a deeper way than just occasional visits allow for, receiving advice, mentorship, and encouragement on a more regular basis. As your chosen ADU Contractor Cypress provider we know more about this type of scenario and hope to help you.

ADU Contractor Cypress

DREC ADU Contractor Cypress

If you like to entertain or have many friends from out of town you should consider installing an Accessory Dwelling Unit Cypress to your home.  When it comes to private guest accommodations you will not find a better option for you than an accessory dwelling unit.  If you have family or friends that live in different parts of the country or across the world you know that planning a visit from them can quickly add up.  What you can do as a property owner in Cyprus is make it easier for your family and friends to stay over by providing them a place to stay.  What is great about an Accessory Dwelling Unit in your backyard is that your home now gives you and your guest privacy and a place to stay that’s readily available.

  You’ll notice that your family will be much happier to come to town when they have a unit that they can retreat to which includes a kitchen, bathroom and laundry room and is much less stressful for you having to worry about sharing these things with them. Now the guests get to enjoy a more comfortable experience, and you get to be credited as a great host, without significant disruption to your normal routine or work day. That seems like a match made in heaven for those out-of-towners.

Please give us one opportunity to be your chosen ADU Contractor Cypress provider and we promise you will be happy you did. We always go that extra mile for all of our ADU Contractor Cypress customers. We can’t wait to add you to our long list of happy ADU Contractor Cypress customers. Thanks again for checking out our ADU Contractor Cypress website and encourage you to call us today. Mention you found us online for a special offer.

ADU Contractor Cypress

Business ADU's

Many things have changed about how we conduct business since the pandemic of Covid-19 swept the globe. More and more employees are going to be working remotely on a permanent basis. As we roll into year 3 of the pandemic you should perhaps start to consider giving your workspace an upgrade. Is managing your business or job from the breakfast nook really a long-term option? Yes and no. You could definitely do it but perhaps it would be wiser to run the business from one of our State-of-the-art business ADU’s. We have many options that are available only for the business ADU such as desks built into the wall and areas completely themed for business.

DREC will design for you a quality workspace that helps your productivity and still gives the comforts of being at home. We design all of our ADUs with full kitchens and bathrooms as well as an area for laundry hookups. When the pandemic eventually passes and you can return to working from the office you will be able to repurpose the ADU for just about anything ranging from storage to renting it out for someone to live in. The past few years have truly been the years of AIRBNB and VRBO if you are into traveling what that means for you is that you could easily rake in thousands of dollars per month renting out your ADU.

We have many of our ADU customers who are currently experiencing great success with paying down their mortgage faster because of renting out ADU’s. No matter the plan for your DREC is the best company for the job. We will create a unique but flexible space at a price you can afford. We also offer financing options and have access to lenders that love the customers we refer. We also can offer you in-house financing with low monthly payments perfectly tailored to your budget and requirements. We look forward to being your ADU Contractor Cypress provider. Give us a call today and lets get started discussing solutions.



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