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Do you need the best ADU Construction Laguna Niguel service in all of Orange County? Our staff has been the industry leader when it comes to top quality and on-budget ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel builds for almost 3 decades. You will not find a higher quality ADU builder on the market today, and you will not find a more experienced ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel service either. We are brave enough to say this because we are the only contractor who has been performing ADU builds since the 90’s here. Until quite recently it was very hard to get a permit to build an ADU. All of our ADUs are low-impact, sustainable buildings that use less resources than your average single-family home.

We ethically source all of the materials that go into your ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel install here locally. Everything we install on your ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel project will be made in America. Our one-of-a-kind design staff will make sure that your ADU’s aesthetic matches your neighborhood’s style and design as well as the color of your home. The worst thing an ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel can do is put an ADU into the backyard of your home that sticks out like an eyesore.  We offer an award-winning design staff that will work closely with you to make sure that the accessory dwelling unit that ends up in your back yard is exactly what you dreamed of.

Our design staff is known for adding thousands of dollars to existing property resale value threw of unique designs and beautiful lines and colors that we used to layout your accessory dwelling unit.  We also offer built inns which means the furniture is built into the accessory dwelling unit. Please consult your design staff on which units make best sense for you.

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DREC ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel

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Now is the optimal time to hire an ADU Contractor Laguna Niguel. The laws have never been more simplified and the permit process has never been easier. The housing market is red hot in Laguna Niguel and with an ADU built on your property you are going to have to something special to offer to prospective home buyers. An ADU will make your home stick out and sell at top dollar. ADUs add square footage to the overall residential footprint on a lot, which, for many home buyers translates to higher desirability and value.  With the knowledge and know-how of our award-winning design team will not only make your new home look more beautiful, it will also function better as well.  Our staff is dedicated to making sure that throughout the entire build all of your needs are meet while we move through the entire process of building your ADU.  You will be amazed at the quality of our work. We are the number 1 ADU contractor in Laguna Niguel.  What makes us different over other ADU contractors is that we actually love what we do. We. care about the environment, we ethically source all of our products that go into your accessory dwelling unit.  We’ve committed over the years to being at net zero when it comes to our output and carbon footprint. Our ADUs smaller size means they require less energy to heat and cool, keeping utility costs low and reducing carbon emissions. If your option is to go solar then we can completely pull you off the grid.

Since an ADU is a complete living space with all essential amenities, it serves the purpose as a stand alone home. As a standalone home, even the tenants feel comfortable while living in an ADU, as if it were a completely seporate estate.  Additionally, we make every attempt to be sure that your every fixture that ends up in your ADU is made right here in the USA and purchased in Southern California.  We’ve made an effort to shop small and keep our dollars local.  Thank you for your interest in our ADU Construction Laguna Niguel service and we hope to hear from you soon.  We would love to hear about your project.


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