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ADU Financing Pasadena

ADU Financing Pasadena – Easy Application

Looking for a straightforward and fiscally efficient way to get an ADU in your backyard? DREC Construction is here to make it easier. Our ADU financing Pasadena options are some of the most straightforward on the market today.

We have made the application process as simple as possible, streamlining the entire process so customers don’t have to navigate complicated procedures. Many of our lenders will make ADU loans solely because they are referred by us. What’s more, we also offer in-house financing options.

Once the paying is out of way, you can focus on getting a quality build that is worth your investment! Not only will it look magnificent and boost your home value, it will also mean having that extra bit of living space when you most need it.

ADU Financing Pasadena – Likely Approval

ADU Financing Pasadena can be a daunting task – but DREC Construction makes it easy. Our exceptional track record for successful ADU loan financing speaks for itself: no matter the financial situation, we deliver reliable, fast financing solutions tailored to each individual customer.

And our ADU build services provide more than just loan options; once your ADU is finished.

Its resale value will skyrocket giving you a start on the investment of a lifetime. At DREC Construction, we are passionate about ADU Financing Pasadena and helping our customers realize their dreams. With knowledgeable ADU Financing Pasadena experts and incredible offerings, we look forward to being your partner in this incredibly rewarding journey. Reach out today and get started with us!

ADU Financing Pasadena – Many Financing Options

ADU Financing Pasadena experts DREC has long been respected for their choice of financing options available. Not only can you access some of the best prices and lowest rates imaginable, but DREC also offers loan resources that really put effort into getting customers the loan they need.

When it comes to ADU Financing Pasadena time is always critical in the real estate marketplace and our team understands that. Our resources are second to none, so regardless of any credit issues or difficulties proving income, there is still help available.

Add to this our speedy response times and ADU Financing Pasadena customers often find themselves with more money in their account than they expected far sooner than they had hoped! On top of all this, we also get construction jobs done quickly – with our experts at hand you know you’re in good hands at all times.

ADU Financing Pasadena – In-House Financing

At DREC Construction, we’re revolutionizing ADU Financing Pasadena and making it easier than ever for people to purchase or finance their ADU. We offer many different financing options, including in-house financing that consists of a setup fee and a monthly payment schedule.

Our customers often opt for this route because they are looking to sell their home in the near future; adding an ADU can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.

Not to mention, given the expensive rent costs in California right now, ADU’s can be immensely lucrative for their owners since it’s often cash flow positive from day one. We look forward to being your provider for ADU Financing Pasadena and helping you start realizing the benefits of owning an ADU. Reach out to our staff today to get started!

ADU Financing Pasadena – The DREC Difference

ADU financing in Pasadena is no small commitment – that’s why DREC has been the number one choice for ADUs for over the past 15 years. Our commitment to quality ADUs and customer service sets us apart from other companies and here are just some elements that make us unique.

All of our ADUs are designed and delivered with TV and film quality standards, we are a family-owned and operated business which means you get personal, effective care at all stages of ADU buying or building, we prioritize your safety, financial security, and give you all the resources needed to make informed decisions.

Our expertise has taught us that when it comes to ADU financing in Pasadena, quality is key – that’s why we take all the necessary measures to ensure an excellent ADU product. Give us a call today to learn more about what makes us special!

ADU Financing Pasadena – Multiple Use ADU’s

ADU building is no simple task—but with the expertise of DREC Construction, you can feel rest assured knowing that the ADU you receive is both reliable and versatile. ADUs can accommodate a variety of needs.

From housing out-of-town guests, creating an all-in-one “man cave” for sports, to even constructing an ADU as a granny unit for elders.

With our ADUs providing a full kitchen, shower/bathroom area and laundry machine/dryer included in each ADU, living becomes much easier; having guest accommodations become ever more convenient, and even ADU financing Pasadena becomes a reality. Our ADUs are designed to make life simpler, which is why we’re proud to offer ADU Building with this range of uses and modern comforts in mind!


ADU Financing Pasadena – Resale Value and Property Taxes

ADU financing in Pasadena is an exciting opportunity for those looking to increase their home’s value. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “How much will ADU installation increase the resale value of my home?” Well, it can vary depending on city regulations and other variables, but here are a few facts everyone needs to know. Firstly, ADUs add livable square footage onto your property.

Since most of your home’s value is determined by this metric, you can expect a large return when installing one. Furthermore, a majority of the ADU construction costs are usually tax deductible – meaning you may be able to write them off come time to file.

On average, ADU installation increases a property’s resale value anywhere from 200-500 thousand dollars; not bad for some extra living space! Another often questioned topic is how ADUs affect your property taxes. Generally speaking, assessors offices tend to increase your property taxes by 1-1.5% on average, which for such potential profit should be well worth it!

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