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ADU Builder Pomona

ADU Builder Pomona – Why DREC Construction INC

The ADU craze has Pomona talking and according to the trends, it looks like ADUs are here to stay. If you’re looking for an ADU builder Pomona can rely on for a fantastic, durable, and affordable ADU, DREC Construction INC is your answer. We’ve been in the ADU builder Pomona marketplace for a decade and our owner Daniel Messina is renowned in the industry.

His work has been featured on HGTV and many of today’s popular remodeling and flipping shows.

Having exceeded expectations across the ADU builder Pomona marketplace over the last few years, there’s no other company that can offer better value than us. Our finished products have impressed even our most discerning customers! Contact us today to experience what sets us apart from everyone else.

ADU Builder Pomona

ADU Builder Pomona – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

DREC ADU Builder Pomona is the premier ADU Builder in the city. We bring high-end build experience and detail to all of our projects, giving our customers the luxury of a cash flow-positive rental income property after we complete our installation. Rent in California has been steadily increasing over time, meaning that with just one long-term renter, many of our customers can pay off the ADU expenses quickly.

This allows them to enjoy any extra income they make while feeling secure in knowing their money was well-spent.

Not only will you be happy with the financial benefit you receive from ADUs through DREC ADU Builder Pomona services, but also with what you get for it! We provide a whole range of luxurious amenities such as full-size kitchens, large bathrooms and even space for washers and dryers. Creating a wide-open multifunctional ADU space to do with whatever your heart desires. Our team is on standby ready to discuss your ADU needs and how they can best be met; contact us today!

ADU Builder Pomona

ADU Builder Pomona – Affordable Family Housing

At ADU Builder Pomona, we understand the complexities of living arrangements in California due to skyrocketing rental prices. With mortgage rates soaring above 7%, many are turning to us for help in simplifying their living situation. Our comprehensive services have enabled many families to address the issues they may have with elderly parents, adult children and other special circumstances.

We specialize in the construction of granny flats and elder cottages which provide a comforting place for family members looking to be closer to home.

Once a ADU is built, it can easily be repurposed for another living arrangement if needed; one call providing complete service. With our ADU Builder Pomona services, you can be sure that your unique needs are addressed and that you’ll end up with satisfactory results!

ADU Builder Pomona – Fantastic Home Office Options

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home or a hybrid work schedule has become increasingly popular. At DREC, we have been building ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units since 2019 to meet the growing need for office space and storage within people’s own homes. ADUs can be used in many different ways.

They provide an excellent workspace for small business owners, as well as offering an ideal alternative to sitting at the kitchen table for full-time workers tired of constantly changing locations. But it doesn’t end there – ADUs are also great for storing inventory and can be packed with multi-use spaces to maximize utility.

Plus, ADU Builder Pomona companies like DREC produce ADUs that are comfortable, spacious, and quiet – perfect conditions for those who want to stay productive in the long run. That’s why when it comes to ADU Builders Pomona, DREC is the number one choice due to their extensive experience in ADU installation. With every ADU they build, customers know they’re getting something that is customized as per their needs and has all the features modern workers have come to expect.

ADU Builder Pomona – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

Here at DREC Construction INC, we understand the importance of contributing positively to our environment. For over 3 decades, we have been proudly recognized as ADU Builder Pomona and we strive to maintain this prestigious title through prioritizing responsible strategies and practices that are more mindful of the planet.

Our team is fully committed to using materials from local and ethical sources; high-end, reliable parts and hardware are a must for every ADU build to ensure total quality satisfaction – with no compromise to our environmental standards.

As ADU Builder Pomona, DREC Construction always keeps our consumers in mind and always asks that you contact us for any questions you may have about our eco-friendly construction methods. We are not only the leaders when it comes to building amazing adu’s but also the leader in protecting the environment and giving back to the community. When you spend with DREC you get an immense amount of wealth out of our products as well as your community grows and thrives because of our giving mentality.

ADU Builder Pomona – Limited Lifetime Warranty

DREC Construction Inc is the ADU builder Pomona company you can trust for quality service and craftmanship. We are committed to providing exceptional ADUs that meet your exact needs, along with our limited lifetime warranty on every ADU and its construction and hardware. Our customers always appreciate that these warranties are transferrable.

At the time of making a sale, they can pass on their ADU’s impeccable reputation to new owners. It’s no doubt that these ADU’s often bring great returns on investments when it comes time to resell, leaving customers more than satisfied with their decision to work with us.

Whether you’re looking for shaping a newly constructed ADU or improving an existing one, DREC Construction Inc guarantees an efficient and reliable Pomona ADU builder experience. So get in touch today if want an accurate free estimate of your ADU project!

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