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ADU Builder Santa Ana

ADU Builder Santa Ana – Why DREC Construction INC

ADU construction is on the rise in Santa Ana, and with it comes the need for a reliable ADU builder. Enter DREC Construction INC – one of the oldest ADU companies in the game. In our 10 years of ADU building we have amassed quite a portfolio and proudly stand as one of the top ADU builders in Santa Ana today.

Owner Daniel Messina has become renowned within the industry, receiving notable media attention from HGTV shows and other TV’s popular remodel & flipping entertainment.

Our company delivers an unparalleled skillset that beats out all other ADU builders in LA. Don’t partner with just any ADU builder, choose ours!

With many of our customers more than pleased with each finished result, we are confident that you too can receive fantastic results with our help. Don’t wait another minute, call us now to set up an appointment. Be sure to mention that you found us online and we will give you a great introductory offer on your next ADU build-out.

ADU Builder Santa Ana

ADU Builder Santa Ana – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

ADU Builder Santa Ana offers unparalleled ADU-building services for homes in California. With us at the helm, you can guarantee that your ADU installation will be completed to your exact specifications with no external issues—we make sure of it. Even more impressive is the wide range of financial benefits associated with ADU ownership.

Once complete, you’ll have a cash flow-positive rental income property. Not only can you expect high returns on your ADU investment but the prices of rent in California are particularly attractive! Our customers are often surprised by just how quickly their ADU pays itself off with just one long-term renter.

As for what’s included in our ADUs, renters will yield a full-size kitchen, large bathroom, and ample space for a washer and dryer—all thoughtfully crafted by DREC ADU Builder Santa Ana. With years of high-end build experience, we’re the premier ADU Builder in Santa Ana and will ensure that your ADU turns out exactly as desired.

ADU Builder Santa Ana

ADU Builder Santa Ana – Affordable Family Housing

With the issue of sky rocketing rent and increasing mortgage rates in California, the living situation is becoming more and more complex. That’s why ADU Builder Santa Ana services from DREC are here to help simplify those matters. We have been providing premier ADU Builder Santa Ana services which have enabled families to resolve their living arrangements with suitable solutions.

Whether it is tending to elderly parents with a granny flat or elder cottage, or needing extra room for adult children, our ADU Builder Santa Ana services can offer the perfect remedy for these predicaments.

The perks of ADUs don’t just end there. Once it has served its purpose, the ADU can be easily converted for different uses in order to optimize any living arrangement need. So if you’re looking for one call complete service in your ADU efforts, look no further than ADU Builder Santa Ana from DREC!

ADU Builder Santa Ana – Fantastic Home Office Options

Over the last year, many individuals have shifted from working at an office to their own home or hybrid workplace. At ADU Builder Santa Ana, we have been helping customers build the perfect home office for their needs since 2019.

Our skilled team of ADU experts create multi-functional ADUs customized to meet each person’s needs, whether they are looking for a small business solution in the backyard or a comfortable and quiet space with enough room to get work done. These ADUs can also be used to store inventory, making them essential for any small business.

For those considering hiring an ADU Builder Santa Ana company, look no further than DREC – our professionals boast more installed ADUs than anyone else around! Let our ADU Builder Santa Ana staff provide you with a unique ADU that will serve your work and lifestyle needs for years to come.

ADU Builder Santa Ana – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

Here at DREC Construction INC, we have always been committed to providing Santa Ana ADU Builder services that are not only top-tier in quality but also ethically and environmentally friendly.

We understand the need for both eco-responsibility and consumer satisfaction when completing ADU installs, which is why we have strived to achieve excellence in our ADU Builder Santa Ana services over the past 30 years.

All of our lumber and hardware is sourced locally and with the highest-end quality to guarantee optimal performance. Our team is passionate about their work, consistently aiming to limit ecological impact while still delivering superior ADU services. Whatever ADU-related questions you may have, please do not hesitate to call us!

ADU Builder Santa Ana – Limited Lifetime Warranty

DREC Construction INC distinguishes itself among ADU Builder Santa Ana companies through its unique commitment to each project and superior construction practices that warrant their products. This includes a limited lifetime warranty on all ADUs, as well as their hardware, which is conveniently transferable from owner to owner if the ADU is sold.

In fact, many of our customers experience unexpected financial growth after selling their ADUs for far more than expected due to our exceptional creations.

DREC Construction INC not only looks forward to being your ADU Builder Santa Ana for the present but for as long as you own your home, providing a free estimate. With DREC’s reliability, customer service and craftsmanship, rest assured you are in reputable hands.

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