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ADU Builder Torrance

ADU Builder Torrance – Why DREC Construction INC

ADUs are becoming increasingly popular throughout Torrance and it looks like this craze won’t be subsiding any time soon. If you’re searching for an ADU builder to create a durable and affordable ADU, DREC Construction INC is the perfect choice. We’ve been in the ADU builder Torrance marketplace for over 10 years now and our owner Daniel Messina has achieved legendary status due to his ADU building capabilities.

His projects have been featured on HGTV and other remodel shows that are regularly broadcast today, proving just how far ahead of the competition we truly are. Our customers have always been extremely impressed by the final product that we produce, so don’t hesitate to choose us as your ADU builder in Torrance.

Call now and let us come over and discuss your ADU plans with you! We can promise you that you will not find a better adu installer anywhere else. DREC also offers all of its ADU building services at an extremely affordable rate. We can’t wait to give you an amazing ADU install.

ADU Builder Torrance

ADU Builder Torrance – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

ADU Builder Torrance stands out with high-end build experience. We understand that our customers’ ADU installations offer them a cash flow-positive rental income opportunity in California, where rent prices are steadily climbing. We ensure to complete the ADU installation with detail and accuracy, leaving the customer with a long-term space for rental income.

The ADU offers a full-sized kitchen, large bathroom, and spaces for washer and dryer. All features that long-term renters appreciate.

Upon completion of the ADU installation, many of our clients find themselves pleasantly surprised as to how quickly their ADU pays for itself. Therefore by deciding to go through ADU Builder Torrance you’ll be given a wide-open multi-functional space with high-paying return opportunities!

ADU Builder Torrance

ADU Builder Torrance – Affordable Family Housing

At ADU Builder Torrance, we understand that living situations in California are ever-evolving with rising rent prices and high mortgage rates. We have helped many families adjust to their unique living challenges, often designing the perfect granny flat or elder cottage for those with elderly parents needing a place to stay.

Even those with adult children looking for a place to live can benefit from our ADU building services. A solution which can be repurposed when the need is addressed.

ADU Builder Torrance offers one call complete service – every stage of ADU building handled by experts right at your fingertips. Our mission is simple: make sure our clients find the perfect living situation in an economical and flexible way.

ADU Builder Torrance – Fantastic Home Office Options

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed all of our lives in one way or another, and for many people, it has meant making the shift to working from home. Here at ADU Builder Torrance, we’ve been helping individuals build their home offices since 2019.

We understand that whether you are a small business owner who needs an office solution in your backyard, or an office worker needing more than just a kitchen table to work on, everyone needs a comfortable and productive space to do their work. That’s why our ADU staff puts extra care into constructing multi-use spaces that cater to every need.

Our ADU offices are spacious and quiet, eminently suitable for managing your business long-term. Some customers even use them as storage units. Whenever you’re looking for ADU Builders in Torrance, don’t settle for any company – go with the ADU Builder Torrance with the most experience and highest customer satisfaction ratings – DREC! Our staff will work together with you to create the perfect ADU for whatever your needs may be.

ADU Builder Torrance – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

At DREC Construction INC, we firmly believe that taking care of our customers and the environment are tasks that go hand in hand. For the past 30 years, we have been the ADU Builder Torrance residents rely on for high quality ADU installs, and throughout that time, our ownership team has made sure to take environmental stewardship into account as part of our build strategies.

To ensure that we keep up these standards, we prioritize using locally sourced hardware and lumber from Southern California, as well as only using the highest-end materials and hardware on every ADU build.

Unlike what some may expect, following sustainable building methods doesn’t equate to sacrificing quality – both aspects can go hand in hand when handled with precision and care. If you have any questions about our ADU services or would like to find out more about us being environmentally friendly, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

ADU Builder Torrance – Limited Lifetime Warranty

At DREC Construction INC, we understand that ADU building is more than just creating space for people to live. It’s about investing in the comfort and security of our customers and the future of their projects. That’s why DREC stands out among other ADU Building Torrance companies.

We care deeply about what the outcome of your ADU build looks like and ensure that it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on all of our ADUs and construction processes. Not only that but our warranties are transferrable so if you ever decide to sell your ADU in the future, the new owner can keep this offered warranty indefinitely.

Our customers often come back surprised with how well their ADUs fared in terms of profitability since its creation; showing that a good ADUs will make or break your return on investment. You can count on us at DREC being your ADU Builder Torrance for any project you may have now and in the future. Feel free to reach out for a free estimate today!

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