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ADU Builder Hollywood

ADU Builder Hollywood – Why DREC Construction INC

With ADU’s becoming the new craze throughout Hollywood, it is important to find an ADU builder who knows what they are doing. DREC Construction INC has been providing its services to the ADU builder Hollywood marketplace for decades, with its founder Daniel Messina giving the company a particular flair over any other ADU company out there.

His work has even made it on the likes of HGTV and other popular remodeling shows featured these days. We offer customer satisfaction which is remarkable when compared to others in the ADU builder Hollywood market. You won’t regret partnering with us! During this process, customer feedback has expressed admiration for our finished products time and time again.

Contact us today and see why many turn to DREC Construction INC when it comes choosing an ADU builder Hollywood.

ADU Builder Hollywood

ADU Builder Hollywood – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

At DREC ADU Builder Hollywood, we strive to provide our customers with high-end, multifunctional ADU installation services. With our ADU Builder Hollywood services, you will have the luxury of a cash flow-positive rental income property at your disposal for a fraction of the price involved in traditional construction.

Our prices are competitive and allow owners to pay off quickly expenses from their ADU installations with just one long-term renter. Hollywood rent is consistently climbing and more people are choosing ADUs as an affordable housing solution.

We offer brand-new ADUs that come equipped with full-size kitchens, large bathrooms, and space for washers and dryers; allowing renters to be comfortable during their stay. Our attention to detail ensures the construction process is executed smoothly and efficiently while providing comfortable and quality living spaces that are reliable in the years to come. We maintain our status as the premier ADU Builder Hollywood due to our wealth of experience in building ADUs.

ADU Builder Hollywood

ADU Builder Hollywood – Affordable Family Housing

With skyrocketing rent rates in the state of California, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a comfortable living situation. Fortunately, DREC can offer a range of ADU Builder Hollywood services that can help simplify this process. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality ADU services to assist families who are dealing with various living arrangements.

If you have an elderly parent in need of a place to stay, our granny flat and elder cottage designs can be adapted to meet their needs. And when it comes to providing adult children with housing options, our ADU Builder Hollywood services can give them the perfect place to call home.

ADUs provide practical and versatile accommodation solutions that can be easily repurposed if needed. One phone call is all it takes for DREC to become your trusted ADU builder and go-to living situations provider.

ADU Builder Hollywood – Fantastic Home Office Options

Since the unfortunate onset of the covid pandemic, many people have been forced to shift to a work-from-home or hybrid work schedule. In anticipation of this need, ADU Builder Hollywood has been designing and constructing beautifully finished ADUs since 2019 for our customers looking for full business solutions in their own backyard! From office workers wanting somewhere other than the kitchen table for their work to small business owners looking for a longterm solution.

ADU Builder Hollywood make sure that each ADU we build is tailored exactly to fit your unique needs. These multi-use spaces can also be used as inventory storage or what ever best suits you! When it comes time for you to choose an ADU builder for your project, make sure you go with DREC – ADU Builder Hollywood with the most installed ADUs.

Our team of ADU professionals is dedicated to making sure that your ADU is perfect and will give you a spacious and quiet place to manage the operations of your business comfortably.

ADU Builder Hollywood – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

Here at DREC Construction INC, we strive to be number one ADU Builder Hollywood service. We take great pride in offering our customers not only the highest quality ADU builds but builds that incorporate strategies that benefit the environment. For the past thirty years, our ownership team has endeavored to limit our environmental impact by using ethically sourced hardware and lumber sourced right here in Southern California.

By being dedicated to using ethical and environmentally friendly materials, we have been able to maintain high building standards without sacrificing quality.

So whatever ADU build you may need, you can rest assured that DREC Construction INC will provide an ADU built from quality materials while still taking care of our environment. Lastly, if you’d like any more information or even have questions about us feel free to contact us at any time!

ADU Builder Hollywood – Limited Lifetime Warranty

At DREC Construction INC, we understand that everyone is looking to make the most out of their ADU project. With this understanding, we promise to provide top-tier ADU building services in Hollywood and take responsibility for each ADU’s outcome by offering a limited lifetime warranty on all ADUs, along with its construction and hardware, which is fully transferrable when it comes time to sell your home.

Our ADUs come with value as well; many of our customers have seen great returns on their investments due to their ADUs.

We here at DREC Construction INC look forward to being your go-to ADU Builder Hollywood service not only now but in the future. For additional information or if you would like a free estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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