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ADU Contractor Costa Mesa

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Do you currently own a home in Costa Mesa? I am sure you have noticed that the average price of a home in Costa Mesa is over 1 million dollars. Not only has the price of a home in Costa Mesa gone up but it is also trending up at the time that this page was created in December of 2021.  If you are intent on grabbing a piece of the rising price of a property in Costa Mesa be sure to include looking for a home that has an accessory dwelling unit already installed.  If you recently purchased a home in custom mesa and want to increase the property value and curb appeal of your home you should contact our ADU Contractor Costa Mesa services.  The main factor that goes into deciding the price of your home is the amount of usable living space that your property has.  The most cost-effective way to add resale value to your home is to install one of our ADU Contractor Costa Mesa projects.

No matter what the uses for your accessory dwelling unit you’ll be happy that you’ve installed one. ADUs add square footage to the overall residential footprint on a lot, which, for many home buyers translates to higher desirability and value especially in the very crowded Costa Mesa market.  If your goal is to get top dollar you’ll need to make your property stand out.  Our line of accessory dwelling units to make your property stand out because our ADUs are built to function for any need that you should have.

We are the premier ADU Contractor Costa Mesa company because all of our units include kitchen, bath, and laundry units.  Our accessory dwelling units are great for anyone looking to offer private guest accommodations, living quarters for senior citizen parents as well as adult children.  Our accessory dwelling units are also great for those to be the Health Care provider on site.

ADU Contractor Costa Mesa

DREC ADU Contractor Costa Mesa


There is more of a need for Accessory Dwelling Unit Costa Mesa installs than there ever was before. You would be amazed to find out how many folks contact us looking for accessory dwelling units because they need an independent place to run their business from.  Our accessory dwelling units are great if you’re looking for a living space for some of the mayor may not be exposed to the covid 19 virus.  An easy way to stop the virus from spreading within your home is to quarantine the individual to the accessory dwelling unit in the backyard. Another most often overlooked use for your accessory dwelling unit is to rent it out.  A recent study has shown that the number one concern for residents and coast mesa California is finding affordable housing.

You can certainly rent out one of our accessory dwelling units and get rental income ranging from anywhere 200-3000 dollars per month with our average accessory dwelling unit install.  You’d be amazed to find out how many people will be willing to rent from you.  When we’re acting as your ADU Contractor Costa Mesa service.

We take care of all the headaches of pulling permits planning the job and everything in between.  If you’re interested in learning more about our ADU Contractor Costa Mesa projects please feel free to call us today.  We have customer service representatives who are standing by who want to hear about you and what your dreams are when it comes to your accessory dwelling unit project.  Will do whatever it takes to make sure that your project goes exactly as planned.  You’ll also be happy to find out that installing an accessory dwelling unit to your home as much more cost affordable than you ever could have thought we also provide financing if need be.  Thanks for taking the time to look at our website we hope to hear from you soon.

ADU Contractor Costa Mesa

ADU Construction Costa Mesa

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We know you have many options when it comes to selecting your ADU Construction Costa Mesa company but we can assure you that DREC is the premier company. We simply do not have a contemporary when it comes to the amount of ADU Construction Costa Mesa jobs completed. Costa Mesa is one of the most beautiful and vibrant communities. The low crime rates and some of the best schools in California make it a destination for anyone looking to provide their family with unique chances and opportunities.

One of the most cost-effective home improvements is having a ADU Construction Costa Mesa contractor install a brand new ADU. Installing a brand new ADU to your property can make you thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell your home. You also have the benefit of our lifetime warranty which in itself is worth thousands. Because of the history of Costa Mesa and its considerable elderly population we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for Granny Flat installations. Granny flats are just like our award-winning ADU’s but specifically designed for older folks. Many of our customers are not even aware of how much a granny flat style ADU can benefit them both in the short term and the long.

We look forward to sharing with you a few of the ways a granny flat style ADU can benefit everyone. For the short term, you will be able to keep a close eye on your elder and still give them independence. Many studies have shown that older folks live longer if they stay with their kids or family. In the long term scope of things, you will save money on rent as the price of assisted living is higher than ever. When it comes time for your family member to move you can rent out the ADU for a massive return. Rent prices have never been higher in Costa Mesa as of 2022. When it comes time to sell your home you will also see another massive return on your investment.



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