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ADU Contractor Pasadena CA

ADU Contractor Pasadena CA

DREC ADU Builder Pasadena

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Resale Value Increase

 The homeless crisis affecting Southern California will not be letting up anytime soon.  Due to the homeless crisis, the state of California has made it much easier for you as a homeowner to install an accessory dwelling unit.  Now more than ever is an appropriate time to increase the square footage of your home by installing an accessory dwelling unit. DREC has over two decades of accessory dwelling unit installs.  We’ve been an industry leader for as long as there’s been interest in accessory dwelling units. Don’t go with the contractor who is limited or in some cases zero experience when it comes to installing an accessory dwelling unit in Pasadena.

We have literally hundreds of installs in Pasadena alone.  Our in-house design team will work closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure that the accessory dwelling unit that you want is the same one that ends up in your backyard. When most people in the building and contracting industry hear that we’re building you an ADU they will be the first to let you know that your been handled with honesty and integrity and pride. We have one of the most sought-after in-house design steps in all of Southern California.

  Our award-winning in-house design team will work closely with you to make sure that the colors match your style and furniture in any buildings that we do to your unit makes sense have beautiful form a great function in and help you live your life the way you want to. Please give us one opportunity to handle your accessory dwelling unit install and we promise that you’ll be happy we cannot wait to add you to our long list of happy customers who love what we do for them. You will be amazed and in love with the custom structure that we design for you.  Give us a call today and let’s get started planning your future ADU install.

ADU Contractor Pasadena CA

The DREC Difference

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Quality and Benefits of ADU’s

 DREC and its owners have over 20 years of ADU building experience. We have more experience than any other contractor in Southern California when it comes to creating unique and luxury designs for accessory dwelling units. We have taken our golden touch from the remodeling business and applied all of our efforts into helping families and customers build the exact ADU of their dreams. We hope that you will give us a chance to be your ADU builder and installer.

Here at DREC we will always put our customer’s needs and wants before our profit margins. We are experts at delivering immaculate ADU construction and builds across Pasadena. Here at DREC we have made it a cornerstone of our business to build all of our ADU’s in an ethical fashion. We are sure to source all of our Accessory dwelling unit materials from local businesses that also love what they do. We are committed to keeping our dollars local and using only green energy materials. We also build all of our ADU’s at as close to NetZero as possible. If you have adult-age children who are going to be attending college inside the city of Pasadena why would you pay for them to rent or live on campus? Your children will think the world of you for letting them stay in their own space in the backyard inside one of our brand new ADU’s. The amount they will save on rent is amazing especially with rent being higher than ever now. You will actually be helping your child prepare for the next phase of their life by giving them the space and the break on the rent they need to move on from your household. They will cherish this time they spent with you close but not to close for the rest fo their lives. You will also make an incredible amount on the resale value of your ADU when it comes time to close.

We have learned during our 20 plus years of ADU contractor Pasadena experience that builders and contractors have some of the largest effects on the wellbeing of a city or neighborhood. We are committed to using only sustainable materials that are ethically sourced from here on out. Everything even the hardware and nails that we use is ethically sourced with a focus on keeping the environment clean. This is just part of what we do to reduce our and your carbon footprint.

ADU Contractor Pasadena CA

Resale Value Swings

ADU Contactor Los Angeles

 What sets us apart from other ADU Contractors in Pasadena is that we can give you an immense return on your home when it comes time to sell. We have many different customers who reach out to us and share how amazed at the return they got. When your home goes to close you will see a tremendous return on your investment with us. Customers in the pre-pandemic era would often say that they received double what they invested into the accessory dwelling unit.

Since the pandemic and the huge skyrocket in the price of homes in Pasadena, the return is even more. There is currently a perfect storm brewing in the home renovation as well as the ADU contracting business. More and more homeowners are refinancing at historic lows and have the ability to pull out equity in their homes easier. All of these factors have made now the perfect time to install a wonderful ADU into the backyard of your home. We hope that you will give us a chance to work with you.

We have dedicated much of lives to the wonderful designs that we provide. We know that when you communicate and meet with our build and design staff that you will feel great about the job ahead. If you have a specific timeline or request regarding your ADU we are more than happy to accommodate your needs and wants.  Give us a call today and let us know that you found our website and we will give you a special deal. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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