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2021 has quickly become the year to install or contact an ADU Contractor Brea expert. Because of the Covid19 pandemic and the homeless crisis facing Southern California you should consider adding an Accessory Dwelling Units Brea install. You can never have enough space when it comes to the California home market. 2021 also saw home prices reach an all time high while also having the lowest inventory. If you own property either residential or commercial or any zoned with the ability to add ADU’s we can do it and do it right.

Accessory Dwelling Units Brea contractors are everywhere these days but DREC Construction Services INC has 2 decades of experience of successful installs. We also specialize in Tiny Houses as well. We offer free Accessory Dwelling Units Brea estimates. Our additions in Orange and throughout the county have been standing for years and we have tons of pictures to share with you. If you can contact us today we can send out one of our Accessory Dwelling Unit Brea contractors.

Who can explain to you the ins and the outs of our Accessory Dwelling Unit Brea installs and go over design content and options with you. Our ADU’s can be used as a lucrative rental property, give families a place to stay,tons of extra storage, or even create your own backyard escape. Whether you’re looking to renovate your basement or create a new structure in your backyard, we can handle any ADU job you dream up. Our customers have been contacting us for years thanking us for all of our ADU installs how much it was a true benefit for them. Get started today by calling and asking for a free estimate.

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Are you looking for an honest and reliable ADU Contractor Brea service? Will then you found the right company for the job. DREC as over three decades of experience when it comes to providing top-notch ADU Contractor Brea services. The home market in Brea has never been hotter if you’re looking to for way to cash in on this rapidly accelerating marketplace then you should consider installing an accessory dwelling unit into your backyard. The main factor that goes into an equation to compute the value of your home is the amount of usable living square footage that your home provides. With the current laws in Brea CA you can add in anywhere from 500 to 1200 square feet of living space into your backyard very easily.

We know that you could hire just about anybody to perform a Accessory Dwelling Unit Brea install but please consider us because we know where the best. What separates our accessory dwelling units from the competition is that we build flexible living spaces they can be used for anything. We also include a bedroom and bath as well as a kitchen and laundry room. You’ll be amazed at the quality of our work. We have many references available on request and we hope to hear from you soon give us one chance to be your accessory dwelling unit provider and you’ll be happy that you did.

We will always go the extra mile to make sure that you get the Accessory Dwelling Unit Brea services that you deserve. Thanks again for taking time out of your day to learn more about our Accessory Dwelling Unit Brea services. a majority of potential homeowners are willing to pay more for a home with an accessory dwelling unit on the property if you want an ADU but you are concerned about financing we have

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Here at DREC we want you to know that aside from being the best provider of ADU construction in Brea we are also the most ethical and environmentally friendly company. We have made it a constant in our business to make sure that any building we construct including our brand new line of Granny Flats are built as close to net-zero as possible. We can also outfit your Granny Flat with solar panels so should you ask. We also ethically source all of the hardware and materials that will go into the construction of your ADU right here in the US of A. Not only are all the materials sourced right here but actually they are sourced in Southern California. The reason we source everything locally is an attempt to keep your dollars local.

The money you bless us with for your Granny Flat or ADU install stays right here inside your community. We are the premier leader when it comes to Granny Flat Contractor Brea services. The city of Brea is one of the older cities in Orange County and has a healthy and vibrant senior population. If the time has come for your parents or grandparents to come live at home with you we should talk. We have had the luxury of developing unique granny flats for years. If you have a parent who is facing mobility issues we have you covered 100 percent. As the first and best Granny Flat Contractor Brea service we have designed many unique units that can be helpful for your elder in need.

We have low edges and corners for those who need to bathe themselves but may be unable to with traditional tubs and showers. If your parent is currently wheelchair-bound we can outfit all of the entryways with wheelchair ramps. No matter the situation we are sure we have helped someone with similar needs. All you need to do is call in and speak to one of our Granny Flat Contractor Brea experts and we will get started delivering you a solution that fits both your budget and problems. Thanks again for giving us the chance to be your Granny Flat Contractor Brea company. You will be happy you chose us and we know we can save you thousands on your install while delivering amazing quality ADU’s

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