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ADU Builder Lancaster

ADU Builder Lancaster – Why DREC Construction INC

DREC ADU Builder Lancaster has become the latest craze in recent years and it is not going away any time soon. If you are looking to build an ADU that is both affordable and durable, look no further than DREC Construction INC. With over a decade of ADU building experience, our owner Daniel Messina has gained notoriety for being one of the greatest ADU builders around.

Dan has had his work even featured on popular remodeling shows like HGTV. We stand head and shoulders above other ADU builders in the LA area, offering customers something truly unique every time. At DREC Construction INC you can rest assured knowing your ADU builder will be nothing short of amazing! Don’t wait – give us a call today to make your ADU building dreams come true!

One of the many common questions we are asked is how do our ADU’s fair in the heat. We know Lancaster can get extremely hot in the summer. DREC uses only the highest quality insulation material on all of our ADU’s. All of our ADU’s come with high-end HVAC systems which means you will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You will not have to break the bank keeping comfortable temperatures in your ADU.

ADU Builder Lancaster

ADU Builder Lancaster – Cash Flow Positive Rental Income

Our ADU Builder Lancaster services provide more than just a quick and efficient installation for any ADU building project. We guarantee a cash flow-positive rental property once the ADU is complete and ready for rent, making it an attractive option for tenants in California that are looking for a reliable space at decent prices.

Our ADU Builder Lancaster services create the perfect spot for potential renters with a modernized unit containing features such as full size kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and dedicated areas for washers and dryers.

We recognize that attention to detail is key which is why we strive to be the premier ADU Builder in Lancaster by providing every customer with high-end build experience while ensuring their ADUs meet every goal they have set forth.

ADU Builder Lancaster

ADU Builder Lancaster – Affordable Family Housing

With rental prices in California soaring higher than ever, many families are feeling the strain of limited living arrangements. At DREC, we understand this issue, and are proud to be the premier ADU Builder Lancaster. Our team can help streamline living situations for the elderly or adult children who need a space to call their own without breaking the bank.

Granny flats and elder cottages specifically designed to meet whatever needs arise are some of our most popular options when it comes to ADUs, as they offer an affordable alternative while still providing quality construction and comfort. Plus, ADUs have multiple purposes.

If your ADU is constructed to suit one purpose initially, it can always be reconfigured depending on changing needs throughout your family. When you choose ADU Builder Lancaster services from DREC, you’re getting one-stop shopping for all your home-building needs. All you have to do is make one call!

ADU Builder Lancaster – Fantastic Home Office Options

Since the onset of Covid-19, many people have turned to working from home or hybrid schedules. Here at DREC ADU Builder Lancaster, we’ve been building offices for our customers since 2019 to provide a suitable workspace for doing business. Whether it be a smaller business looking for an entire office solution in their backyard, or an office worker who wants more than just their kitchen table, we can help.

Our ADU’s are designed to be multi-functional and serve any need that arises. These ADU’s will provide you with a spacious and quiet place to grow your business.

Furthermore, many customers even utilize their ADUs to store inventory. When seeking out ADU Builders Lancaster, make sure to come with DREC as we have the most ADU’s installed so far! Other companies simply cannot compare. Our knowledgeable ADU Builder Lancaster staff will provide you with a unique work ADU that is tailored to your specific needs.

ADU Builder Lancaster – Ethically Building a Responsible Space

At DREC Construction INC, achieving a balance between serving you, the consumer, and protecting our environment is our top priority. As ADU Builder Lancaster leader for the past thirty years, we have undertaken significant steps and initiatives to minimize any negative impact on the planet.

By only utilizing quality materials sourced from Southern California, we are able to support local businesses while decreasing transportation emissions created by import or export of items across state lines. Our rigorous standards guarantee that you never have to sacrifice comfort or quality in exchange for being ethically and environmentally conscious; only the best hardware and materials are used when building your ADU.

To find out more information why delay? Call us now! DREC also wants to hear from you should be a provider of ethically sourced materials or fixtures. This could be huge for your business as we install and build many custom ADU’s every single month.

ADU Builder Lancaster – Limited Lifetime Warranty

ADU Builder Lancaster companies can be found all over, but at DREC Construction INC, we stand out. We are confident that our ADUs and construction practices are the best in the business, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty for all ADUs that we build. Our warranty can also be transferred with your ADU should you decide to sell your home.

We see the real-world success of our ADUs on a regular basis; customers come to us surprised when their ADU has increased the value of their home much more than expected. DREC Construction INC looks forward to being your ADU Builder Lancaster service provider for as long as you have your home. If you’re looking to get started, take advantage of one of our free estimates!

When you shop with DREC you can shop stress-free because all of your ADU is fully covered by our lifetime warranty. We look forward to creating a unique ADU that fits your needs and style. Remember we are here for you as long as you own your ADU. Thanks again for considering DREC as part of your ADU journey.

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