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ADU Contractor Irvine

ADU Contractor Irvine

ADU home builders in Irvine, CA

ADU Contractor Santa Monica – Quality and Benefits of ADU’s

Explore the most efficient and stylish Accessory Dwelling Unit options for your backyard.

Timeless designs at an affordable price.

The severity of the pandemic has made living situations quite difficult and expensive for people. To find a solution, California made laws regarding ADU much more favorable in 2021 and 2022.
With a well-planned ADU, you can give your relatives, parents, or siblings a separate place to stay. ADU also generates an extra income for the family, if they want to rent out the place. With so many young adults moving to the city, general contractors in Irvine, CA are getting busy with calls to install Accessory Dwelling Units in their homes.
We have so many different standard options along with customized ADU designs. Increase the efficiency of your home with just a call!

Accessory Dwelling Unit Irvine

Leading ADU builders in Irvine, CA


What makes us different from any other ADU contractors in the country?


We have created a name as home builders in Irvine, CA for more than 20 years. Thus, we know how to handle permits, designs, regulations—everything. We make the process a smooth ride for you.

Timeless designs and innovation

Every city has its own charm and environment. We customize ADUs to complement the vibe of the environment. If you want a certain design, we try our best to give you exactly that!


We have worked with small budgets. So, we make sure to work efficiently to get your ADU installed. No hidden fees or stress of going over budget with us.

Quality above all

We work on tight budgets, but we never compromise on quality. We provide environmentally sustainable materials for your ADU.

ADU Construction Irvine

Call the best ADU Irvine Home Builders

ADU Contractor Burbank – DREC ADU Installs Burbank CA

DREC commits to each project and builds them as close to net-zero as possible. Give us a call today and let us send someone from our design team for an estimate!

No hassles, simple process!



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